A Quick Trip to Cleveland

Hey party people. I’m coming to you from the Cleveland airport. I’ve been in the Cleve since Tuesday for a work conference, and while the trip has been cool, I’m so ready to get home ....more

Torn Between Summer and Fall

We’re at that point in the summer where I’m so not ready for summer to go, but I’m also super over the humidity and can’t wait for some of the more bearable fall temperatures to get here. I alternate between trying to squeeze in every possible free minute at the pool (spoiler alert, pool time hasn’t happened once this week) while cursing the humidity on my morning runs and wondering when I can give up the shorts and tanks for capris and tees. This week has been especially brutal on the humidity front ....more

Stroller Strides with Laura

My birthday fell on Friday this year, so I gifted myself a glorious four-day weekend, where I did a lot of treating myself: Manicure, pedicure, ice cream sundae for breakfast (no seriously), lots of pool time and some happy hours on rooftops. (I also managed to squeeze in my long run Friday morning before the festivities really began). It was a pretty great way to celebrate ....more

Initial Thoughts About This Semester and Half Training

So we’re about 10 days into the start of the new semester and half marathon training. Here are some initial thoughts on both. School I’m taking two classes this semester: Organizational Leadership and Change and Strategic Analysis in the Competitive Environment ....more

Sports Bra Shopping That Didn’t Suck

You know what’s a bad idea for a runner? Walking in to a City Sports after a long run all hopped up on endorphins and realizing there’s a sale going on. So bad for my wallet ....more

Softball Season Wrap-Up

As of Monday night, I can officially hang my softball cleats up until next season. My work league ended with a loss in the second round of the playoffs (by two to the only undefeated team in the league) and my alumni league wrapped up on Saturday. Our Maryland team had a great run ....more

A Post Where I Talk About Running

Happy International Left-Handers’ Day to all my fellow southpaws! So remember when this blog was actually about running (or at least largely about running)? I kind of do, but I will admit it’s been a while since I’ve had a good post to write about running ....more

One of my favorite summer weekends

My alumni softball league had part one of our playoffs on Saturday and Sunday. With 67 teams, close to 1,200 people and softball games from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day, the weekend was...more

Softball Tournament Take 1

August is softball tournament season around these parts. The first three weekends of the month, I have softball tournaments pretty much all day, every day. The first tournament was last Saturday for my Senate league team ....more

Random Acts of Kindness

Ever since I got back from vacation, getting out of bed before work to run has been a struggle for me. But somehow this morning, I mustered enough will power to drag myself out the door for a sweaty four miler. It was a Garmin-less run so I have no idea on my time ....more