A natural cycle of the weight loss journey. Don't panic!

Image credit: www.eea.europa.eu My journey towards health has an unavoidable cycle.  I think it is a healthy cycle, but it is one that brings about panic sometimes.  Like most things in life, my journey ebbs and flows from one direction to the other. ...more


Healing sore muscles in the comfort of your own home

If your muscles are sore and you are hobbling around, you can speed up your healing process.  Being sore is a good thing usually, but it is never a pleasant thing.  The picture in this post is of my "Tiger Tail".  Many runners use this and other massa ...more

Swimming Vs. Running. Q & A post

Swimming and running.  Sounds like the making of a triathlete.  Any activity that you like and can stick with is the best one for you to do.  If you enjoy it you are more likely to do it, but one reader wanted to know how swimming and running compared to each other.  Here is the question: I'm wondering how much swimming equates to how much running. I'd love to run but I look like a duck! ...more

Warning! Food is more than just nutrition

There may be an aspect of the weight loss journey that you forgot about.  Food to many of us, if not all of us, is so much more than just simple intake of nutrition.   We are all attached to food.  For me, Doritos chips conjure up feelings and memories of my childhood sitting on the couch watching Revenge of the Nerds.  Oh what fond memories.  Yeah, it made me fat, but the memories are pleasant.  Why?  Because the food made me feel better.  We all have these special memorie ...more

Life after binge: A new day is at hand

Did you binge, fall of the wagon, go off program, or go over your calories last night.  It is not the end of the world and I wanted to talk about the most important aspect of moving on.  As you all know, my internal struggle last night to just eat everything in sight was short lived and I survived without doing it.  We/I don't always make it through though.  Sometimes we give in and have a blow out.  This is what I call it for the ultra marathons.  The videos I posted, those were videos of a blow up.  To make it through a day or a race without a blow up is the goal, but we don't always ...more

weight loss lies: I lie to myself about food

Image credit: www.freespirit.com I have to admit it.  I lie about food.  No, I don't lie to you, or my wife, or my family about food.  I lie to myself about food.  I walk by my pantry and grab a small handful of my wife's sp ...more