The Daniel Fast


Gluten-Free, Now What?

When my Pastor said two weeks ago that this fast would be life-changing. I didn't know exactly how life changing it would be. ...more

Remembering the Details

This is me, honest and highlarious and more times than not, inappropriate. You don't have to read this blog. You don't have to follow me on any social media outlets. But to those who have decided to stick with me throughout the craziness, because Lord knows there's a lot of crazy here, I appreciate y'all so much. It actually does take a lot to pour your heart out on a blog for everyone to read. It can be downright exhausting. But the support and encouragement far outweighs the negative things. I am so grateful for my readers! Y'all are amazing! ...more

More than Knowing

Burlap Christmas

Every Christmas I like to have a new theme for the decorations. For a while I used the same theme and colors but recently, ahem since Pinterest was invented, I've wanted to do new themes! Last year was Red and Gold. Sadly. Since you know...that's Florida State. And well. I'm a Gator. But anywhoodles, it was red and gold....more

Mama Bear

Once you start reading this post I don't blame you for deleting it or skipping it. I have skipped a lot of blog posts this morning and over the weekend. I just can't handle it. and If I can't handle it I don't know how the parents and families are getting by. ...more

The Top 9 Things

sourceThe holiday seaso...more

Greater Thursdays-Mediocrity

Greater Thursday's have begun! and I could not be more excited. Every Thursday until the "A Confident Heart" Online Bible Study starts here, I will be posting about the current study that I'm in....more


I completely forgot that today was Becky's link up for "Women Connect 2012"! So y'all get two posts today. Lucky, lucky you. ...more