NYCM training: week 11

Eleven weeks down, five to go! I can’t believe NYCM is just a little over a month away, but at the same time I feel like I’ve been marathon training forever. I feel like my legs are always tired and a little bit sore, but my runs are still going pretty well ....more

Get great skin: My experience with Rodan + Fields skin care

I’ve mentioned before that I have problems with my skin. I grew up on the beach and have spent the last 15 years exercising outdoors several times per week – talk about sun damage! I have sun spots, new freckles, and pigment problems ....more

NYCM training: week 10

Ten weeks down, six to go! I feel so close to race day and so far away at the same time. I’m not going to lie ....more

Month 5 postpartum

Umm, didn’t I just write one of these? How is this sweet girl already 5 months old? Seriously, how?! ...more

NYCM training: week 9

Happy Monday all! I’m just under 50 days away from NYCM and I’m freaking OUT. More so about logistics before and after the race than the actual race itself ....more

Rock ‘n’ Read 5k race recap 2014

This past Saturday I ran the Rock ‘n’ Read 5k to benefit the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. I raced the Labor Day Funk Run 5k five days earlier and didn’t have the best experience. My only goal was to run this race smarter than I...more

NYCM training: week 8

First thing is first – IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON! Which may seem like it has no relevance to NYCM training, but it does. Football season = Fall and Fall = when my marathon is, so I’m starting to freak out ....more

Labor Day Funk Run 2014 race recap

This past Sunday night, my husband, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I were sitting around my inlaws’ table chatting about running. I had 800m repeats on the docket for the next morning and was trying to convince someone to join me at the track at 5:30 a.m. Somehow we got on the subject of 10ks and I realized I’ve only ever raced two 10ks. Crazy! ...more

NYCM training: week 7

Hi, happy Labor day! I hope everyone is having a wonderful long weekend – and no one is working! I cannot believe I’m almost halfway done with training for NYCM ....more


Oh man, I didn’t mean to go all silent on you guys! I am tired. This whole week I’ve been asking myself why the heck I’m training for a marathon after “just” having a baby ....more