Thinking Out Loud Thursday #48

It is a Thursday that feels like a Monday. Yesterday was Canada Day – which meant everyone had the day off. But, almost everyone has to work today (me included), so it felt different ....more

Trader Joes Cookie Butter Giveaway!

I’m a little bit excited that in a few weeks I get to go to Trader Joe’s again. Although I almost always have some products on hand – it is the fresh stuff that I’m really looking forward to trying. That and those amazing cookies I got the last time I was in California ....more

STWM Training: Week 2

Another week of “base training” is complete! STWM Training: Week 2 Monday: 3K in 19:15 An uneventful run. I took my standard ‘flat’ route that has basically no incline at all ....more

Thinking Out Loud #47

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – Linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons #1 Prom! Last night was my school’s prom. It was the first prom in 10 years that it was a “school sanctioned event” meaning that teachers/admin would be in attendance ....more

Making the Gym part of the Marathon Plan

Marathon training can be so much more than just getting out there and running all of the time. For many of us, we also go to our physiotherapists and RMTs more often, eat a ton of food and also stretch, roll and ice our bodies. Some of the things us runners do are for prevention of injury and maintaining a healthy body during training ....more

STWM Training – Week 1

Now that marathon training season is here – it is now time to return to “Marathon Monday Training Reports”. I feel like I only finished the NYC Marathon version of these last month. Every week from now until October 18th, I will detail my workouts from the previous week ....more

New GoodLife Location at Lansdowne Park!

Happy Friday! Bit of a crazy day today – exams were a bit of a mess this morning, so I ended up not being able to go to the track today. But I will be there tomorrow all day! ...more

Thinking Out Loud #46

THURSDAY! Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons ...more

Couple of things about STWM + Discount Code

Last year I felt like I was missing a big party: The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. STWM happens right before NYC Marathon, which meant I was in taper-mode and couldn’t participate. This year, I will not be missing out and already looking forward to the 4+ hours of running ....more

Road Tripping with the GMC Acadia Denali

If there is one stretch of highway that I know really, really well, it is the 401 corridor between Toronto and the 416 to Ottawa. I have lost count of how many times I have had to do the long 5 hour drive to the GTA. I know practically every exit, service station and bend that the highway has to offer ....more