Thinking Out Loud Thursday #15

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Race Day Considerations: Fuel and Tunes

While I was running my 8K tempo run today, I was thinking about running with or without music and figured that would be a great conversation for today’s Race Day Considerations. Since I would consider music a bit of a fuel for race day – we will also talk about fuelling (aka eating) before, during and after races. ...more

BBQ Beer Can Chicken

During the summer we try to use our BBQ as much as possible so we do not heat the house with our stove/oven. But sometimes I still want a roast chicken dinner regardless of the season. Therefore Beer Can Chicken is the perfect substitute to a traditional roast chicken dinner ....more

NYC Marathon Training: Week 6

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday #14

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Trader Joes Goodies

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Race Day Considerations: Bag Check

It has been over two months since I have raced, but finally that raceless-streak is about to end as I have the B&O Yorkville Run coming up on September 7th. I know a few of you are going to be there – I am hoping to meet some of you September is a busy month with at least two races scheduled and then before we know it: NYC Marathon Day! I really enjoy racing ....more

NYC Marathon Training: Week 5

Another week has come and gone – is it just me or do marathon training plans go by really quickly? Perhaps it is just because I’m still in the ‘easy’ part. With the first initial base building period done, it was time to start mixing up the workouts: moving from just steady/long runs to tempo/hills/steady and long runs ....more

Thinking Out Loud Thursday: 1/4 Thoughts

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