2015 Around the Bay 5K Race Recap #ATB

Hi All! Happy Monday! Or rather ZzzzzMonday since I’m pretty tired from the weekend ....more

Around the Bay 5K Goals #ATB

Hey all! It has been a crazy couple of days. Between teaching a math class (LOL) to the province-wide literacy test, work has been nuts ....more

Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Giveaway

Hey All! ...more

Our Adventure to Disneyland

What of my “conditions” for going to California was to take Max to Disneyland. Going to California was not a vacation as we really didn’t do much else other than Disney, and eat Mexican and In n’ Out Burgers. Max was super excited to go to “Mickey Mouse’s House” and was bouncing off the walls for weeks ....more

Training Report 03/16/15-03/22/15 aka Lack of Training Week

Happy Monday! Back to work for me today. It will probably be a fun day since I totally didn’t break one piece of work home with me ....more

Plane Rides

Happy Friday! We got back from LA yesterday evening – and immediately I felt cold again. I miss the warm weather already! ...more

Max met Mickey!

hey there!...more

Focus on Speed

I know there are some runners out there that are totally fine with just running for the fun of it – no plans, no races: just running. I am a bit of a planner, and therefore plan my seasons well in advance. Even if I haven’t signed up, I have certain races (like STWM) on my calendar ....more

Training Report – 03/09/15 – 03/15/15

Training Report – March 9 – March 15, 2015 Last week was a bit of a busy week! But I managed to increase my mileage! Yay! ...more

Day in the Life – 4 Outfits Edition

Good Friday Morning! T-minus 6 hours until I am off work for a week. Hooray! ...more