A Day in the Life!

Hiya! Whoa, two posts in one day? ...more

Ottawa Race Weekend 2015 – 10K Race Recap

In case you missed it – read Part I of my Race Weekend Recaps, the 5K here...more

Ottawa Race Weekend 2015 – 5K Race Recap

The first race of the evening was the 5K. They changed the time a few years back from a 5pm start to a 4pm one, which made it very easy for me to manage to run two races in one day. I had signed up for the 10K awhile back, just before it sold out ....more

Five Years of Running Races

The 2015 Ottawa Race Weekend has come to a close. Three days of fun: expo, two races and a day of volunteering on the marathon course. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate FIVE years of running races than what I did this weekend ....more

TORW Expo Tips

Hi All! Lucky me – I’ve managed to book an appointment with my RMT to get my left leg fixed up – only have time for 30 minutes, but that should be enough! I am heading to the Ottawa Race Weekend Expo in the evening tonight ....more

Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Ottawa Race Weekend Edition

THURSDAY! Although this will be a long one – Track, more track, maybe some running and maybe popping by the race expo after track (not sure how many of my group will show – since we competed). I’m already tired and Race Weekend is just arriving ....more

Then and Now

One of my goals for the 2015 race season was to be a stronger runner. That does not mean just be a faster runner, but be physically stronger....more

Training leading up to #TORW

Tuesday – the start of the shortest but longest work week for me. Say what? ...more

My Special Guest

This semester I teach a class called “Careers Studies”. It is a mandatory class for Ontario students and teaches them all about setting goals, transitioning to the post-secondary world and how to prepare for searching for jobs. I have taught the course probably 15 times by now and is one of a few course I really enjoy teaching ....more