Why Runners Make the Best Employees

Running pretty much makes you better at life. I have no statistics to back that up, but I’m quite certain it’s true based on the amount of time we spend telling people that we went for a run, plan to run, have a vacation coming up that’s all about running and of course taking sweaty photos. If it didn’t make us awesome, we’d hide it like our addiction to knowing what happened on the latest Real Housewives ....more

Magnesium For Athletes: Improve Body Composition, Performance, Calm

A lot of attention goes to calories, carbs, fats and protein. Which is great because they are the building blocks of learning about a well rounded diet, unfortunately many of us don’t realize that our veggies are no longer serving us as well as they used to thanks to soil depletion. Nutrition Journal researchers in Taiwan surveyed 210 people for body composition, magnesium intake, inflammatory status and blood pressure ....more

August Round Up: Running Things of Interest

Another summer of training is nearly in the books!! Could I be any more excited…NO. I can’t wait to get out of Florida summer training ....more

Running Mantras: Why They Work, What Elite Runners Use

You’ve heard of yoga off the mat right? It’s the idea of taking the stillness, the breathing, working through the difficult spots and living your life that way. Well guess what, it’s time for a new trend #RunOFFtheRoad — unfortunately I’m afraid this could trigger road rage or just get trail runners excited and that’s not exactly what I mean ....more

Top 19 Podcasts for Running

I fell in love with listening to audiobooks while running as I trained for my second marathon completely solo in 2006…almost 10 years of training later I’ve found that Podcasts are way more accessible and often way more motivating that many books. {Checkout my top 12 audiobooks for runners}. Some people love a great story while they run, but for me it’s all about the mental benefit ....more

Couples in The Kitchen: Do You Cook Together?

When we lived in Kansas City, our lives felt so much more traditional. We owned a home {ok still do}. We spent weekends mowing, pulling weeds, painting things! ...more

Bioluminescent Florida Kayak Tour: Glowing Water and Sky Adventure

Lightning. Downpour. Kayaking ....more

Are You Holding Yourself Back? #PushFurther

Dreaming big isn’t the issue. You’ve visualized yourself crossing that finish line, arms thrown up in the air triumphant smile or looking in the mirror to discover the body you’ve imagined is finally yours. But SOMETHING always happens just as you’re about to reach that goal, right? ...more

34 Secrets of Adulthood

There have been many times where I’ve thought “now I’m an adult.” Graduation…buying a house…putting a pet to sleep…getting married…moving to a whole new state! A a short while later, my brain buzzes with a new lesson and I think, when will I finally have this all figured out?! I thought being an adult meant I’d just KNOW how to handle every situation, I wouldn’t cry so easily or get offended and I’d worry less about what others thought and have money to buy a pony (really that last one was key) ....more

Create an Instagram Feed People Want to Follow and Take a Better Running Selfie

“Does someone follow you around to take your photos?!” This is possibly still one of my favorite questions received {thanks Terese}. I love that people have wondered for awhile now I get my running photos on Instagram, so I thought I’d share some tips, tricks and ramblings. I don’t do a lot of blogging tips around here because I know you’ve got plenty of resources for them, but hopefully this one still falls under your fabulous list of runner needs! ...more