What Santa forgot giveaway!

Did Santa forget to give you all the running things on your list? I’m sure he remembered the socks after my stocking stuffer post, but maybe he wasn’t sure about your hydration needs or shoe size…which is why I thought it would be good to make sure that was taken care of immediately. One winner will get EVERYTHING ....more

Happy Holidays Runers

Whether you are celebrating Christmas or Chanukah or Kwanza or Festivus {a personal favorite}, I hope your holiday season is filled with laughter and hugs and plenty of runs that are just for pure joy. To the many, many, many of you who take the time to email me, leave a comment on the site, Tweet me and say hello at races or events THANK YOU. Blogging can feel inherently self absorbed because you're sharing your thoughts, life, opinions and largely with the hope that it will in some way benefit someone else ....more

Christmas Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout

If you didn’t join the Holiday Sweat Challenge, I have some good news for you today…I’m sharing a workout from one of our trainers! She is a bootcamp instructor and knows all about the excuses we make regarding holidays and time. Which means she doesn’t waste a single second getting you results! ...more

12 Tips to prepare for your first trail race

Every time a friend finishes a gorgeous trail race, I find myself saying “I so want to do one!!” They say I should and I then note “I don’t have trails to train on”. Which made me wonder if this was actually a legitimate reason…so I reached out to speedster and trail fiend Sandra for an answer… Training for a trail race can be different than training for a road race but don’t be intimidated. Once you head out into the beauty of nature you will be hooked ....more

Intuitive Eating - Learning to Love Food Again

A few weeks ago, I touched on something important that has been happening around here…no longer focusing on any macronutrient, just eating my 9 servings of freggies and eating intuitively. I realized this was a huge topic and reached out to the very smart Sports Dietitan Kristina LaRue to help define it and give some tips! Intuitive eating is a way of eating that gives your body the power to determine what, when, and how much when it comes to food ....more

Honolulu Marathon Review - Most interesting race experience ever

Let me start by saying, I wouldn't have changed a thing about our entire Hawaii trip…but the truth is I would have gone in with my eyes a little more wide-open in terms of what to expect. Everything about this race was unique; I think that's a fair word to use. This was the 42nd running of the Honolulu Marathon which is often billed as one of the top 10 marathons in the world…thus my expectations of organization and finisher swag was pretty high ....more

Honolulu Marathon - The short and sweet of 26.2

Marathon number 8 was a whole new experience for me. I have never run with someone that far.I have never paced someone on their first.I never use run/walk.I never wear a knee brace. It was amazing ....more

Post marathon goals - What’s next {TomTom Giveaway}

As many of you know the Honolulu marathon this weekend is not my goal race, it’s a race all about getting Jodi across her very first marathon finish line as part of the 26 Strong program. Which means I’ve been hinting at what’s next, but have yet to announce anything so here goes…. I have no idea ....more

2014 Marathon Must Have List

After another full year of training, it’s always interesting to look back and see which pieces of gear I continued to use and which were replaced by something new. Admittedly I’ve come a long way in my love of testing out all new things since that first marathon where I trained using a non-GPS watch for half the time and crossed the finish line in a cotton t-shirt and mesh shorts! It never occurred to me to use gels, to carry water, wear a head band or anything else!A few of this years items appeared on last years list, but as a women does I’ve changed my mind on some things! ...more

Emotional Countdown to a First Marathon

Fear, excitement, anxiety, exhaustion…the week before a first marathon can be an emotional roller coaster and my cadet Jodi has been going through them all, which is why I’m glad it’s my 8th. Not to say that every marathon doesn’t come with new emotions, but because running is so mental once you know you can cover the distance those initial fears become much less. Instead this time they are replaced by an overwhelming joy at getting to see Jodi cross the 26.2 finish line ....more