Simple Tricks to Overcome Your Fear of a Running Group

I won’t know anyone. I’ll be the slowest person there. They might be zombies ....more

Can IIFYM Work For Runners?

Have you ever noticed body builders frequently throwing around the term IIFYM? They usually do it on days where you see them eating a burger or ice cream or well in the case of Spartan racers lots of poptarts! But what is it? ...more

January Fab Finds

Today we’re going to break the mold…I’m going to talk about things besides running…ok well sort of…they all still tend to comeback to running. I tried. I’m a one trick pony ....more

30 Day Body Weight Challenge

In 2015, I finally committed to strength training. No more whining about how it wasn’t my favorite thing to do, time to just get it done. The results are definitely part of what’s kept me going, I like seeing those muscles!! ...more

20 Minute Healthy Mexican Pizza {Gluten Free}

Do you ever go through food phases? One week nothing but green smoothies sound amazing, the next allllll the spicy foods and sometime after that nothing but sandwiches. Lately I’ve been on the Mexican kick and the best thing about it for me is it lends itself to power bowl meals and TONS of sneaky veggies!!! ...more

A Runner Goes Snowboarding and Lives to Tell About It

I put on my first pair of skis at age 16 for a whopping 3 hours….and then I proceeded to never ski again. I remember having fun, but the opportunity really never presented itself again. Sure, sure I went to Snowbird with Oakley Women a few years ago, but it was just weeks before a marathon and my fear of injury kept me from strapping myself to two tiny sticks and doing the splits downhill ....more

12 Healthy Foods You’re Overeating on Accident

Too much of a good thing, it really is possible. Too much sun = red lobster looking tan lines and lots of aloe Too much birthday cake = stomach ache Too much girls night out fun = a day in bed hiding from all light and sound Too many squats = walking like a penguin the following day So I suppose there is a case to be made for moderation…or more likely just awareness that sometimes what we think is a great healthy choice might actually be setting us back in our weight loss or fitness goals. It’s Think Out Loud Thursday, so I’m letting you in on some personal mistakes with all the wonderful healthy foods that we seem to have portion control issues with or need a full diagnostic on the label before buying!GRANOLA High in fiber a clean granola is wonderful for digestion, heart health and aiding in weight loss ....more

Wellfit Malibu Fitness Retreat: Week of Wellness Giveaway

Was one of your New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight? But you find yourself so bogged down with daily life that you haven’t been able to quite make the changes you hoped? Enter a wellness retreat ....more

12 Healthy Crockpot Chili Recipes

I always seem to think that winter is almost over once we’ve passed the mid-way point of January, but that’s quite simply not true!! All those years in Miami made me forget that we have months ahead of cool weather and nothing is as fabulous as a bowl of chili to warm me from the inside! Added benefit is that everything on this list can be tossed in the slow cooker before you head off to work or out for that weekend long run ....more

How to Survive Long Runs on the Treadmill

What’s the longest you’ve run on a treadmill? Me: 20 miles while staring at a brick wall. What?! ...more