Weekend Happenings and Baby Dedication

Happy Tuesday! We made it through Monday, whew! Bobby and I had quite the eventful weekend and I needed some time to get this post together on what all we did, hence it not being up yesterday! ...more

Emma Kate’s 6 Month Pictures

Hey guys! We had an amazing weekend over here, an dI hope you did, too. My parents came in town for Emma Kate’s baby dedication, Bobby and I ran a 5k, and we had family over for a BBQ after church yesterday ....more

Disney Girls Trip: Part 4

On Monday, our last full day in Walt Disney World, we got up and headed to the Magic Kingdom, my favorite! We again had beautiful weather, and I was excited to see some of the new areas of the hub were finished. I love the way it turned out! ...more

Disney Girls Trip Part 3: After the Race

I left off with my recap of the Expedition Everest Challenge. The next day was Sunday, and we had plans to relax! We slept in and then decided to go to Downtown Disney for lunch at Earl of Sandwich ....more

The Average Joe Runner

Every runner has a story. You might think you don’t, but you do. Your story may not be glamorous, it may not include a huge weight loss, coming back after an accident or injury, or anything you feel is important, but it’s still YOUR story ....more

runDisney Expedition Everest Challenge 2015

I have participated in all of the east coast runDisney races. Up until this year, I had done them all except Everest. The Everest Challenge has always been somewhat of a mystery to me….”So you run..and there are clues…and it’s a scavenger hunt…and there are obstacles?” All super confusing and there isn’t a lot of information out there about it ....more

Disney Girls Trip Part 2: Before the Race

I left off with our packet pickup at the Animal Kingdom Parking lot. From there, we hopped a bus to EPCOT. We had some fastpasses and then dinner reservations at Via Napoli ....more

Arriving in Disney and Everest Challenge Packet Pickup

My friend Jen and I got back from Walt Disney World this week. We were there to participate in the last runDisney Expedition Everest Challenge. I have always been curious about this race, and since it was the last time it was being run, I knew I wanted to try to go ....more

Mother’s Day Treats

This Sunday I will be celebrating my first “official” Mother’s Day. I have always celebrated as a fur mom, but this year it’s a little different with an actual human baby. When I think back on my pregnancy and first few months as a mom, I remember being so overwhelmed and having so, so many questions ....more

ASICS LA Marathon Video

Hey guys, I made it back home! Do you remember back when I ran the LA marathon with ASICS that I mentioned I would be recording the race as I ran? Well, I got the finished product back the other day and wanted to share it with you ....more