On Seventeen

On the surface, 17 looked awesome. A cute running back called me his girlfriend, I had my own car, lived in a big house in an economically uplifted suburb, made good grades, and was well on my way to being voted one of the Most Popular Seniors in my all-girls private high school.But underneath? Utter fear.I feared my parents’ impending divorce. At the same time, I was afraid they wouldn’t break up and make everybody miserable for the rest of their lives.Going off to college scared me to death yet I’d never had a stronger urge to leave everything behind....more

The Art of Black Pain

The Fine Art of Self-Sabotage

Today’s required reading: Rachelle Gardner’s “7 Bad Habits of Successful Authors.” Excellent stuff throughout, but one that resonates with me is 5: Insecure.From the post:...more