12 top tips to a strong school membership drive this fall

The 2009-10 school year promises to be a bleak one on the financial front, which presents a powerful challenge to parent groups as they organize their fundraising drive. ...more

Look who has a license to drive!

My daughter got her driver’s license today. It rained the day Emma took her first behind-the-wheel lesson, and I was a nervous wreck while I waited for her to get back home. Today is downright hot. I was still a nervous wreck, and so was Emma. ...more

Thinking of hiring a private college counselor? Do your homework first

How badly do you want your child to make it into the college of her dreams? How much are you willing to pay? I’m not talking about tuition. How much are you willing to pay just to guide her through the application process? ...more

Simple suggestions and great Web sites for college planning this summer

Summer is the perfect time for low-key college planning. Sure, hard-working high school students deserve down time to enjoy the summer. Ditto for their hard-working parents. ...more

Working mother's guilt: How my kids and I spend our summer vacations

Working mom’s guilt has always had a tremendous hold over me and never more so than during the summer. If you work full-time outside the home, I know you know what I mean. ...more

You know you're a diehard parent volunteer when...

  You know you’re a diehard parent volunteer when you know all your school’s teachers by name. ...more

Gallup Student Poll: 1 in 4 children are hopeful, engaged and thriving

The first ever Gallup Student Poll offers fascinating findings certain to give parents and educators food for thought. And maybe the results will prompt some thoughtful conversations around the dinner table. ...more

The Secret to Raising Smart Kids

To all the parents out there who want to raise smart kids, Stanford University Professor Carol Dweck offers this advice: If you really want smart kids, start by not telling them they’re smart. ...more

Great, affordable ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Looking for some great ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4-8) that won’t break the bank? Here are some from moms who spend a lot of time volunteering at their children’s school and know teachers deserve a special thanks for all they do. A homemade dinner with friends ...more

What would I do without my carpool moms?

In honor of Earth Week, I think it appropriate to wax poetic about my fellow carpool moms, four moms who help me save the planet and save my mind. ...more