Two months

Two months from today our Lucy girl will be born! Actually I am writing this at 7:15am so right about now on April 27th I'll probably be getting my spinal and Jon into his scrubs for my 7:30am surgery. It is such a weird thing knowing exactly when your baby will be born ....more

Check in

Lately I've been having to offload photos from my phone more often and realized I have tons of random ones that would be fun to share. It's been COLD in Texas this week, just hovering around freezing but you know that that means for us southerners. Schools have late starts and people stay bundled up at home because the roads may have one drop of icy water on them ....more

My baby wears a necklace

Do you love the title of this post? I tried to think of something funny or a play on words but hey this is the best I could come up with. If you have ever seen a picture of Ford (which if you read my blog and haven't, you are blind), you would know he wears a necklace ....more

Monday morning

Ahhh Monday morning. Each week you come way too soon. Another weekend is in the books and we had such a great one that I figured it deserved it's own blog post ....more

Two in cribs

Right after announcing my pregnancy I had multiple people ask me if I was planning on moving Ford into a big boy bed before Lucy is born. People still ask me today and I am shocked! Even though he is about to change to "big brother" status, he is still ...more


Last week, Jon and I spent 4 glorious days babymooning in Cancun, Mexico. I can't tell you how relaxing and rejuvenating it was for us, it was much needed! It was actually quite healing for us too.. ....more

Ford 18 months

Gulp. My baby boy is now closer to 2 than he is 1 year old! How did that happen ....more

Baby #2, weeks 27-28

I didn't think I would make it out alive after these past 2 weeks but alas, I made it. Up until around 24 weeks I kept telling Jon I just don't feel super pregnant and the next week I ate my words. Sciatica kicked in, I gained more weight, and boy do I feel pregnant ....more

How we got through the winter with oils

This winter, sickness hit us hard. Thinking back to last year, we were also hit hard with sickness so this time of year is not great for our health (or anyone else in America!). This year was different though, we were able to battle the bugs with essential oils ....more

Seven Days Shop, purchase with a purpose

Adoption is something close to my heart. We plan on starting our adoption in the next few years and look forward to expanding our family through the beauty of adoption! Ever since becoming a mama myself, my heart longs for those parents waiting on babies and those babies waiting on parents and I am definitely not alone in this ....more