Give me gratitude or give me debt.

I read an article from Momastery yesterday and it really struck me, find it here. I could spend all the time in the world telling you the things that I am thankful for and most of them would probably be superficial but I am humbled by the post above and reminded what a blessing it is to live my life. I may have a long list of projects I want to complete in our house because I hate the non privacy in our backyard and can't wait to finish our media room but then I have to step out of the picture ....more

PINK chevon

You all know my love for chevron, I mean I painted a chevron wall in my house for cryin' out loud. I better not get sick of it! I remember when we were planning Ford's nursery, Jon told me to go easy on the chevron since it was already in almost every room of our house ....more

Eye Spy

It's no secret that I love saving money... it's almost a game of chase for me, I love the thrill of it! It's also no secret my vision sucks ....more

Baby #2 weeks 15-17

Today marks 17 weeks 3 days for baby girl Hart. Wowzas. Part of me feels guilty for not spending as much time documenting this pregnancy and to be honest, I forget how pregnant I am until my husband gets the email when I turn the next week, but then I feel so joyful knowing I have a little rascal to care while simultaneously growing a baby ....more


Yesterday, Ford and I (and my little sister!) had the chance to visit the brand new PDQ restaurant that opened up in our area (for you locals, it is in Cedar Park right by the HEB Plus at Lakeline). Boy did it NOT disappoint. We were given a private tour of the state of the art facility and were shocked by all the fresh, antibiotic free, never frozen produce, meats, and ingredients they use ....more

My Christmas List

I posted Ford's Christmas list last week and wanted to share mine... in case any of you are feeling generous :) Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine- I have been contemplating buying an embroidery machine for a few years now and with a little girl on the way, I am taking the plunge! I can't wait to get my hands on it and start putting our baby girl's name on things!Salt and pepper shakers- I accidentally dropped and shattered my French bulldog shaped salt shaker a couple of weeks ago and I keep seeing the most adorable sets online and at Target ....more

Sweedie Kids {giveaway}

Winter is right around the corner and the cold weather is (presumably) here to stay in Texas. Over the summer I fought tooth and nail to get my 15 month old son to wear a hat. I would shove a cookie in his mouth and attempt to strap on a sunhat and you can forget about him wearing any of the cute pageboy hats I spent way too much money ....more

Southwest Chicken Chili Pasta

Funny story about this recipe. I made it for dinner with some friends and I taste tested and came to the conclusion it needed a little garlic. I ran to the cabinet since our guests were arriving in 5 minutes, grabbed what I thought was the garlic salt and shook it over the hot pot ....more

Ford's Christmas List

I collect ideas for Christmas months in is no secret that I also love getting my Christmas shopping done early! My family started asking me for Ford's list a couple of weeks ago and to be honest...he doesn't need anything at all. I sit here writing this post on my living room couch and in my immediate view can see a lawn mower, cozy coupe, slide, play table, pizza set, doctor's kit, riding toy, 8 puzzles, and an overflowing toy box ....more

Ford's first snowfall in the Windy City

My birthday was last month and Jon surprised me by booking a trip for our little family to visit Chicago. Yes Chicago is a fabulous city but we were so excited to spend a few days showing off our big boy to family (I was born there and my entire family, minus my intermediate, still live there). We took Ford up in April but so much has changed in the last 7 months and I couldn't wait for my family to see how he's cheesy as that sounds ....more