Meet our daughter

Lucy Joy Hart April 27th, 2015 8:21am 7lbs 6oz, 20.25in I was able to be awake for my C section, praise God! Lucy is such a sweet baby and we are home as a family of 4! Thank you for your love, support, and prayers ....more


I've mentioned many times before that Ford is my little engineer. As he gets older I love watching him grow physically (that boy can throw a ball far!) but watching his mind expand is incredible. Blocks, Lincoln Logs, Legos, puzzles.. ....more

Ramblings of an extremely pregnant mama

3 just 3 days my world will be turned upside down, my heart will most likely leap out of my chest, and we will welcome a daughter into our family. A daughter! That feels so weird to say and almost hard to believe is actually happening ....more

Selfies {selfie stick giveaway}

It's hard to imagine life without smart phones. I remember having to bring my dinky little point and shoot camera everywhere I went because either my phone did not have a camera yet or it was useless and produced fuzzy pictures. I now own a big fancy Canon DSLR camera yet most of my pictures come from my iPhone ....more

Baby #2, weeks 36-39

Well folks. Welcome to my last pregnancy update for miss Lucy! I had my last OB appointment yesterday morning and that was surreal ....more

My prayers for Lucy's birth

It's crazy how quickly this pregnancy has flown by. Lucy will be in my arms in 1 week, unless she decides to come early on her own. Wow! ...more

Strawberry muffins

Earlier this week my sister texted me a recipe for strawberry muffins and I took one look and was sold. Strawberries are oddly cheap right now and because of my low blood platelets, I am stuffing myself full of berries. Unfortunately Ford has a pretty bad allergy to raw berries but since the strawberries are cooked, he absolutely loved these muffins! ...more

Sweet Corn and Chicken Enchiladas

I can't rave about these sweet corn and chicken enchiladas enough. They have got to be one of the easiest meals in my recipe box and most delicious! It is my go to meal for families with new babies and usually keep some frozen in my freezer just in case ....more

Ford 20 months

*posting a day early but Ford turns 20 months tomorrow and Jon turns 32! I asked Ford if he wanted to get his picture taken and he ran right over to his PBK chair and dragged it to the spot we take his pictures at. So smart! ...more

Surviving pregnancy with a toddler

I basically got pregnant with Lucy on Ford's first birthday (if you wanna get technical, it was his party day 2 days before, we gave him quite the gift!). Ford started walking a couple weeks later which coincided with me finding out I was pregnant. Shock, excitement, chaos, exhaustion all rolled in one ....more