DIY Crib Sheet

I bought a crib sheet on Etsy for an insane $40 but let myself splurge because baby #3 will get lots of hand me downs. I figured I'd just have 1 nice crib sheet and find a neutral one at Target as backup because I couldn't stand the thought of spending another $40 on a sheet. Well.. ....more

Our Adoption Family Profile Book

Thank you all for your love, support, congratulations, prayers, comments, messages, and pure excitement from our most recent post on our adoption! It still very surreal that we are bringing home our baby girl in a little over 2 months. There are so many things I want to share with you about adoption, this process, etc ....more

Ford's Birthday List

Ford turned 3 last week and is having a blast with all of his new birthday goodies! I felt extra excited for his birthday this year because it was the first time that he knew what was happening. He knew he was another year older, he knew we were going to celebrate, etc ....more

Truth Ink

Graphic tees are all the rage these days. I probably see at least 5 a day on Facebook or Instagram that I say to myself, "Yep I need that". Whether they are printed with sayings about motherhood, working out, or Jesus, I love me some graphic tees ....more

Ford is THREE!

Oh my gosh I am not gonna lie. My heart is all over the place as I type this post. I am so excited and happy to celebrate my big 3 year old boy but kind of mourning the fact that baby hood is GONE ....more

Sharing Birthday Joy

I cannot believe tomorrow we will have a 3 year old! Well if we are getting technical, he won't turn 3 until 11;46 pm but none the less, wow time flies. We decided not to throw Ford a birthday party this year and just do something fun as a family for a few reasons ....more

We're Growing Again!

We have been bursting at the seams, ready to share this great joy with you. Our family has been MATCHED with a sweet expectant mama and will be welcoming a baby girl to our crew later this fall! We/she is due November 10th and right on track for a full term baby/delivery ....more

FanningFiesta in Cancun

I am writing this in bed, past my bedtime but I have the energy and words to blog so I gotta go for it. We just got back from our family summer vacation to Cancun, Mexico and I am so exhausted but my heart is full. Instead of doing big Christmas gifts each year, my parents gift us some sort of trip and it has been such a fun tradition the past few years ....more

Lucy Joy 15 Months

Lucy Joy! I cannot believe we are at your first big milestone past 1 year old. Baby hood is behind you and we are fully immersed in toddler hood (the good, the bad, the ugly) ....more

Hello old friend

Oh my word. It feels so foreign to be coming to Blogger to type a blog post considering I basically went radio silent. I don't really have an explanation why I haven't blogged in a while except to say I'm really enjoying life ....more