We made it to Friday

Well folks, we made it to Friday. This is extra monumental because this week I survived my first overnight, sans Jon, with both babies. Jon was gone for almost 48 hours on business and I felt ready to do it on my own ....more

Baby Wearing {giveaway}

I remember people asking me after I had Ford how the heck I kept my house so clean. My answer was always the same... well the only place Ford would nap is while I was wearing him and moving so I took advantage of having to bounce around and kept my house spic and span ....more

Lucy's Newborn Photos

At just 6 days old, we had Lucy's newborn photos taken in our home. Once again, Mallorie Owens blew our socks off with capturing these sweet (and fleeting!) moments between our family. Ford was snotty and being pretty cranky but I could not love these photos any more! ...more

Little Elle Boutique

Glitter, sparkles, bows. Never did I think I would have this much fun accessorizing my baby girl. It's funny how excited I was when I found out I was having a girl because dressing little ladies is so much more fun than boys! ...more

Lucy's Birth Photos

I've always been intrigued with birth photography but because my babies are born via C section, having an outside photographer in the OR isn't really an option. Jon was able to get some beautiful pictures during my surgery and you can see some of them here (we chose not to post the more graphic ones of her coming out, they are so cool!). One of the things I was most excited for surrounding her birth was Ford meeting her for the first time and we were lucky enough to have Mallorie Owens capture those moments ....more

Thieves Household Cleaner {& giveaway}

I've been using Young Living essential oils for over a year now and I hate to admit that I just started using them to clean my house! It is a little overwhelming when you jump on the oils bandwagon because there are tons of oils with hundreds of uses. Who knew that Rosemary oil could be used for congestion and lemon could take away the sticky iodine residue from my belly from my C section ....more

Lucy is 2 weeks old!

Lucy turned 2 weeks old on Monday and time is flying by! I feel like she's been a part of our family for so much longer and the transition to a family of 4 has been a big answered prayer. This week has been lots of fun because Gramma Great is in town from Kansas City for a whole week! ...more

My Favorite Baby Products, 2nd Time Around

I wish there was a way to test out baby products for a couple of weeks before spending tons of money on them only to realize you hate them. I am only 2 weeks into 2nd time motherhood but I am quickly finding favor in baby products I didn't use with Ford. It's amazing how many new and improved products come out in less than 2 years! ...more

Sweet Babes Bridgeman

People warned me and I didn't listen. Having baby girls does something to you and you can't control it! Once one finds out they are having a baby girl, you instantly get the urge to buy anything and everything in sight to outfit your little lady ....more

Ford 21 months

What a big month it has been for our BIG boy. He is now a big brother! Or "big bubba" as he says ....more