5 years

Today Jon and I celebrate 5 years of marriage. Holy cow! As you can tell from the lack of new posts, life in the Hart household has been crazy but so good ....more

Mini chocolate cake donut muffins

For some reason every Saturday morning I crave donuts. I eat relatively healthy during the week and try to workout a little bit each day but all bets are off on Saturdays. Whoever wakes up with the kiddos usually makes a big fun breakfast or goes out to get donuts, Kolaches, or breakfast tacos ....more

Lucy 9 months

Oye. Taking pictures of this lady bean was quite interesting. My mom was over and we got some cute ones and I realized we didn't have the sticker on, ack! ...more

Random Monday For Ya

Hello, is this thing on? Man I have fallen off the blogging wagon. Last week I kept meaning to write a few posts but life got in the way and now I can't even remember what I was going to write ....more

Sweet and Sour Chicken with Fried Rice

I am on a recipe posting roll! I also am on a cooking roll. For some reason I am really enjoying being in my kitchen right now, cooking and baking, and I am not complaining about it ....more

Mini BBQ Cheddar Meatloaves

Okay so I know I start out every meatloaf post with this same thought... call me old fashioned but I love meatloaf! It is delicious, so stinking easy, and fun to add different ingredients to mix it up ....more

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

It's *kind of* cold here in Texas which means it's soup season y'all. It's also new baby season around here. I can name at least 10 of my friends who have had babies in the past 6 weeks which means I've been making a lot of meals for new parents ....more

2015 Year In Review

2016 is here! 6 days into the New Year and things are going pretty smoothly. I was dreading the 4th when Jon would return to work after a good chunk of time off.. ....more


Well we did it and came back in one piece. The days leading up to our Disney World trip I was thinking we were half crazy but YOLO was my motto the entire time. So why did we choose Disney? ...more

Hart Littles Christmas

The week of Christmas I was feeling sad and nostalgic that the season was almost over. I swear it flies by even quicker with kiddos and it's been such a fun month that I never want it to end! Looking at Christmas lights, cookies, gingerbread houses, gifts, Jesus.. ....more