Lucy 6 months

Lucy Joy is 6 months old today and I really can't believe it. As of now we are closer to her first birthday than her birth day. Wow time flies when you are busy with babies (and also having fun) ....more

Trunk or Treat

One of the many things that drew us to our neighborhood was the community. We live in a super family friendly master planned community (basically every has kids or is now an empty nester and once had a house full of kids) that celebrates all of the holidays with parades, events, and community outreach. I am really excited about this holiday season with Ford ....more

A girl can never have too many...

....headbands, bows, hats, ribbons, top knots, accessories.... am I right? All of you girl moms know where I am coming from ....more

The Pumpkin Gospel

A few weeks ago the girls in my missional community group (our church's home group/small group) were brainstorming ways we can love on our neighbors and ultimately share the gospel with them. Having kids makes it really easy to get an "in" with your neighbors so creating events for the kiddos is a huge win. We decided to do a pumpkin painting party where we would read The Pumpkin Gospel and teach our children about how God cleans out our insides of sin, gives us a new identity/face, and gives us the light of the Holy Spirit, just like a Jack O Lantern! ...more

Chi Town

Last week we packed up both kiddos and approximately 1000 articles of clothing and flew to Chicago. I was born in the suburbs and my entire family, sans my parents and siblings, are still there so we try to go up once a year. We've been into the city before but now that babies are in the mix, the trip is purely family time which we love ....more

Sour Cream & Cheese Noodle Bake

If the Pioneer Woman makes it, it is bound to be absolutely...more

With a last name like Hart... have to have heart patterns everywhere, right? Y'all. 2 things ....more

Pepperoni PIzza Mac & Cheese

Looking for something carby and delicious? Insert...more


I've talked about it a few times before but 2 years ago God called me and a few other women to starting a moms group here in Austin. It started out as a few ladies around a table at La Madeline nervously nursing our newborns in public and talking about the woes of motherhood and it has now grown into almost 3,000 women, region pages, a Christian leadership team, and so much more. Ladies With Babies exists to provide women with community because it really does take a village to raise little people ....more

Our week

We had a fun start to our week... I am exhausted and it's only Thursday! Embry came to spend a few days at Mimi Camp while my older sister Cori healed and spent time with baby Toddy on her own (moms of 2+, isn't it so nice to be one on one with the baby?! ...more