And now how do I make a grab button?

I have learned so much from social media. From rich lifetime friendships to skills on how to use social media such as twtter, google plus , etc.. but in all my playing I still don't have a grab button for my blog. I am looking forward to networking with all of you here on Blogher my main skill is pubicity and I am well known for this. I would be happy to help you all get your name out and of course I want to put as many buttons from you on my blog as I can. I hope some of you reach out and help me....more

Twitter verses Google +

I love social media. It has opened up for me some unbelievable doors. I have made many lifetime friends as well as have the opportunity to learn lots of things about using some of the social media tools such as twitter, skype, ustream, etc.. by chatting with others. Twitter has always been one of my favorite places on the net. Ever since google plus came on the scene I just adore it. I wonder if it will take the place of tweeting. Although all the social media spots seem to have their place. Much like going to parties some are more formal and some are a free for all....more