Happy 12th Birthday

It seems blogging has taken a backseat to birthdays; we celebrated three in the span of a week! Caleb bypassed a home cooked meal in favor of a birthday burger out. ...more

A Mouse Still in the House

The boys engaged in our Thanksgiving tradition of making turkey cookies. ...more

A Mouse in the House

Every once in a great while, we fancy up for the night!A few nights ago, we discovered a mouse in our kitchen. ...more

Asperger's: The Blessings

November looks more like January. ...more

Displaying Love in the Little Things

I attended my first tea party in honor of sweet little Mia's 4th birthday! Connor served as a ball boy for an IU soccer game. ...more

Why Run A Marathon

The birthday...more

When A Mother's Kiss No Longer Heals Wounds

Definitely, the highlight of his fall break: raking leaves for three plus hours! ...more

When Did Rides Become Scary?

Love family weddings! ...more

Knowing My Limits

My buddy and helper at Oktoberfest. ...more

Boo Season

The third son is the first to get braces! ...more