Kenya: Experiencing a Different World

On Sunday I was sitting on the sidelines of a soccer field cheering on Connor. ...more

At 40, there's still things to learn

After Sunday church, we ate lunch at a nearby restaurant. ...more

A Parent's Job: Make Their Children Miserable

Chris and the Kenyan mission team gather at the church. Loving on my hubby before he embarks on his mission trip. The Fall Festival parade ranks right up with Christmas for my boys....more

Books for Kenya

Chris took his annual pilgrimage to a Notre Dame football game. ...more

The Cure to School Picture Woes

Toasting my cousin Taylor and his new wife Kellen and wishing them the best on the new adventure to South Korea with the Air Force. A family shot at the end of the night! ...more

Mom Brain

Leftover picture from summer vacation....seems like a lifetime ago, but it's been less than two weeks.Ever...more

Is Switching Schools Bad for Kids?

Leftover vacation pic.I never switched...more

When the Baby of the Family Starts School

My new sixth grader! Fourth Grader! ...more

Traveling the Wild West: Griswold-style

Warning: If you're one who has an adverse reaction to an excessive amount of vacation pictures, this isn't the post for you!But, if you're willing to indulge one blogger's need to share, read/look on.... A few months ago, an idea was hatched: let's...more

Dating Tips

Water park date with the Brinkruff kiddos. ...more