Sick Day

Images from Connor's Hoosier Wax Museum at school. ...more

We're moving South...who's with me?

Saturday night we celebrated a friend's 40th birthday with a Masquerade party. ...more

A True Joy: Watching A Child Overcome A Fear

Over President's Day weekend, the family laced up ice skates and hit the rink. ...more

Valentine's Day Fail

We had our annual take-in Valentine's Dinner at home. ...more

Mermaid Half Marathon-San Diego

Fresh off the plane to San Diego, we visited the Torrey Pines PGA golf tournament. ...more

School Cafeteria Opportunities

Game Night with some good friends. ...more

Dreams of Running

Another round of birthdays in the Wood house. ...more

When the Wrong Numbers Sabotage Inner Thoughts

Martin Luther King weekend was spent in Chicago to celebrate Collin's 6th birthday. "It is January in Chicago, right," you say. ...more

The Best Sort of Award

Caleb poses with his good buddy Trace.We received an email today from Cooper's teacher. ...more

Love Makes Pancakes More Special

Our gingerbread house turned into a New Year's house. ...more