Movie Review: The Female Shaman in Bless Me, Ultima

The title to the movie, Bless Me, Ultima, carries the key to unlock its magic and riches, for blessings rain down on those who seek to understand. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of life on earth? Antonio’s older brothers return from the war changed men. Perhaps because his mother wants her youngest child to become a priest, Antonio’s mind is filled with questions about the nature of man, and of good and evil. It’s post-WWII in the United States, and many Americans have these questions in their hearts. ...more

BULLY: The Unwritten Social Contract to Grow Some Balls

I saw Lee Hirsch’s documentary Bully Thursday night with a group of fellow volunteers from WriteGirl. We mentor teenaged girls through their writing. After the movie we sat in the lounge and talked. We all agreed that the parents and school officials in the movie were often clueless when dealing with bullies, and that this most likely mimicked real life. ...more

Sex and Death

Then and Now

              Cleaning my office is like an archeologi...more

Memories of Mom, or Why I Enjoy the Macabre

 Mom left Dad, again, and we were driving from East Texas to New Mexico. There was a horrible accident on the flatlands, and Mom pulled over to do the looky-lou thing. I might have been six. Cars were turned over, and the windshield of one had a head-sized hole in it. There was hair and blood around the jagged edges. People were talking about searching a field for an infant that had been thrown from the car that rolled....more

People Are Strange

My thoughts are on strangers: a Venetian beauty with the stunned expression Venus should have had when she emerged naked and fully grown from the clamshell; the everyday strangers in one's own family; and my favorite song about being strange.  ...more