Handy dandy little referecne for protein rich foods

After watching a webinar last week discussing protein, I was inspired to put together this handy dandy little reference which summarizes protein content in protein-rich foods. I did my best to include both lean protein sources as well as vegetarian sources:...more

Guidelines for choosing protein/snack bars when on the go

Last year during one of my rotations of my dietetic internship I had the pleasure of doing some research and grunt work to put together some tips and a list of options when it comes to choosing yogurt (link here: http://f00dventures.wordpress.com/2013/03/16/tips-for-choosing-yogurt/). I am quite proud of that post as it provides a great starting point for those that are overwhelmed by all of the choices available (including myself)....more

My personal struggle living with ADD

I recently read another person's personal story in which they shared the daily struggles of living with ADD and i was inspired to share my own story. So, here goes....more

Sneaky Spaghetti: How I snuck vegetables into my picky fiance

Tonight I decided I wanted spaghetti. But I wanted it to have veggies. But I didn’t want the veggies to be too noticeable because I knew my fiancé wouldn’t eat the spaghetti if the vegetables were visible. So I decided to take a page from the sneaky chef and make my own sneaky spaghetti....more

Expanding my cultural palate - Ethiopian cuisine

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I started expanding my “cultural palate”. Dietetics really opened a lot of doors for me, food-wise, but I was still hesitant to try foods I was unfamiliar with. So my friend, Sydney, started walking me through the different types of foods that are out there. Each time we hung out we would go to a different ethnic restaurant. I started trying all kinds of new foods from Thai to Asian to Ethiopian....more

Tips for choosing yogurt!

I don’t know about you but I get completely overwhelmed just walking past the yogurt section let alone trying to pick one out to eat. Chobani, activia, yoplait, fage, store brand, greek yogurt, plain yogurt, fruit yogurt, there are just too many options. Options are great but too  many can be a recipe for disaster....more

5 ingredient apple, nut, oat bars

So I promised I would make an effort to update my blog more often and I’m determined to keep my word. So today I bring you a super simple recipe that is packed with nutrition and yumminess. All you need are a few ingredients that you most likely already have on hand, a food processor, and a freezer....more

Homemade berry granola bars

I used to make these when I was in college and my friends would always rave about them. This is the most popular recipe on my blog so I wanted to share it here as well. Most of the ingredients are things you probably have on hand and if not, you can easily find them at most grocery stores....more