Don't Miss the Next Big Thing, Crying Over the Last

 White Wave MothCan you see it? Yeah, well, it was the best I could do.I noticed it as soon as I walk outside this morning on my way to get coffee. It was so stunning, I couldn’t resist taking a picture....more

Happy New Year ~ My Prayer For You

As we countdown the last few hours of 2013, I am praying that you have...A Prosperous Year - A year of more. A year of more knowledge, more peace, more patience, more love, more good health, more clarity, more commitment, more organization and more opportunities....more

First Thoughts

I woke up and, realizing I could, intentionally took a deep breath. I touched the covers, the brass headboard and stared at the wall for a moment. All of this comes with the ability to take a breath, I thought.While getting ready for the day, I thought, this also comes with breathing. Running late, brushing my teeth and paying bills. It's all included....more

A Picture's Worth More Than Words, It's Worth Real Estate

As a new blogger, I remember being overwhelmed with all the obstacles placed between me and my desire to write. While I thought it was as simple as creating a blog, someone somewhere said I'd be a failure if I didn't lure every soul on the internet to my domain.And, it wasn't enough that I had to trick them into coming, I also had to have shiny things for them to play with so they'd stay longer....more
Hi glutenfreegigi! Not sure if you've already read this but ...more

#GivingTuesday? Absolutely!

Now that we've camped out all night out for a tablet on Black Friday, supported entrepreneurs on Small Business Saturday and set the internet aflame on Cyber Monday, United Way swoops in and trump all three with Giving Tuesday.If you hadn't heard about Giving Tuesday until now? Don't feel bad, you aren't alone. Be Purposeful: Join Me On Giving Tuesday, written by Ruth Curran, was the first I heard of it.*waves 'Hi, Ruth!*...more
rebeccajbaldi I know! I was tired and I didn't even participate in the hype. :)more

The Probability of Continuity

After celebrating a month of daily blogging, just yesterday, I am now committing to blogging every day in December.I know what you might be thinking -Why, after complaining about being too busy to post everyday last month, would I submit myself to another month of torture?Why, of all months, commit to the month that includes Christmas parties, Christmas and New Years Eve? - and, lastly -Just plain ol why?My answer is really quite simple....more

Feeling a Wee Bit Overwhelmed

It's only the 2nd day in December and I'm already exhausted.In the four-week span between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I will have attended an anniversary dinner, a benefit, a potluck, a luncheon, a party and a baby shower.That's just between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That doesn't include what I did on Thanksgiving or what I have planned for Christmas or New Year's Eve.Geez!...more

NaBloPoMo: The Finale & What I Learned

This month was a bit of a bear. I had my hands full when it started and then I added NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo as the whip cream and cherry on top. As I've stated before, my NaNoWriMo goal of writing every day managed to fall by the wayside. However, I've gained some ground on my novel just the same. So, I'm claiming November 2013 as a win....more

In My Haste, I Overlooked Two Things

1. In my haste to start the final countdown for NaBloPoMo, I started my 10 day countdown on the 20th. Which is fine except the exact number of days from the 20th to the 30th is 11 days...not 10.Yeah, I know....more

Thanksgiving Eve: Three Things I'm Thankful For

I'm thankful for opportunities to try again. When I was younger, I took everything so seriously. I believed there were no second chances at bat and lamented every strike. I'm so thankful that life doesn't work that way. I can swing as many times as I'm bold enough to step up to the plate. Even if I choose to reassess my strategy between swings, I'm always next up to bat.I'm thankful for the other side. The other side of what? I don't know, name something. There have been times when the fear of doing a thing had me so afraid that I couldn't fathom ever being on the other side....more