a little insperation

I have been In need of a  pep talk and I knew it but If you are like me you don't rely wanna here what you already know right well I have been going through some things and I don't rely like to talk abut it because to me its just better that way I think I can figure it out well to day as I was feeling sorry for my self and ready to sit and sulk I called my friend and she dent answer so I said ok ill sit here and just think because she usually don't answer the phone so no big deal well she called me back and that talk was exactly what I needed I finely opened up to some one about what w...more

ive learnd you dont relly know some one tell you made them mad

i learnd a something this week that made me rely open up my eyes how well do we rely know someone untell we have made them mad well i have been seen this guy for quite sometime now and everythings been pretty good for the past few years but then it doned on me after he go mad i dont rely know him at all because i seen a hole new side a of him and it was like rely how come i never seen this side of you befor and how come guys hied there true self and the secont you do something they dont like whats up with thisiv learnd you dont rely know any one to tell you make them mad....more

things we learn along the way of life

Ive learnd that in life nothing is what it seems we are all on this one path to figuering out life and eventhough were all on the same path we take diffrent roughts to see what way will get us to were we want too be some times we have to start over and try a new path somethimes we get stuck on a path and have to figuer out a way too find out who we are agen i learnd that life ant about beeing cool who has the best close or who hung out with who cause at the end of that chapter on life no ones rely going to cair l have learnd a lot on this road of life and even though i still have  a lo...more

lifes not a compotion

we learn a lot along the way of life its crazy how your friends feel like ta have to compet with you for no reason or how people think that they have to compet with you to make them selves feel better when  in reality its a compotion agenst them selves how do we help people learn its just life and no one is better or worse , it scucks that anxiety and panic attacks seem to be the result of everything that is about everyday life ive learnd to love who u are and once you do that it will change ur hole world...more


pride they say pride makes peoples heads swell or that pride comes right befor the person falls just like any thing in life emotions can go to far and this is even more so for  pride un cheaked there is adiffrens from good skill and effert prid and that blame worthy pride, what has pride inspierd you to do lately blam or value...more

live learn and passing it on

we all have diffrent questions about diffrent things that happen in our lives from something small to something big about life i know i do so why not live learn and pass it on why not every one has a question on life why not shear som true lessons and words of wisdom lol good or bad it jut might help days are long and life is short ...more
I,ve learned people are going to be as happy as they decide to be ....more