things i love: all in green.

In honor of the lovely:green:spring month of March (and St. Paddy's Day around the corner), here are some things I am busy adoring right now... (All images are borrowed, and I have done my best to link back to an original source. Some sources could not be located, so if you know who owns the image- please PLEASE leave me a comment letting me know so that I can amend the source links!)...more

railroad park

One of my all-time favorite places in Birmingham, Alabama (a.k.a....more

just so you don't think...

...that I am going to over-edit all the photos I post on this blog: This is what greeted me yesterday afternoon, whe...more

the end of an era

The first badge of our natural family "status" was folded up and put away when Buckaroo began walking. As if right on cue, he took his first steps immediately after his first birthday: and steadfastly refused to be carried in a sling or wrap at any point thereafter. There's simply too much to do and see at ground level, you know?...more

hello, monday!

Hello again, Monday....more

warm biscuits

I love lazy Sunday mornings, lounging around in my pajamas and whipping up fluffy biscuits from this Paula Deen recipe. I prop open my computer and watch the streaming Sunday morning service at Church of the Highlands. The Buckaroo and I dance around the house, singing praise and worship music together....more

buckaroo's birth day

On the night after my Buckaroo was born, I wrote his birth story so that I could make sure all the details were there. I knew that they may soon be lost in the haze of new motherhood: after all, I had a very difficult time remembering details from my wedding to Aspie Boy very soon after it was over....more

a peek inside

  A few things you may like to know about me: I am an unashamed Christian.I believe God uses every event in your life to construct a beautiful patchwor...more

meet the family

Call me Sadie. I'm so happy to meet you!...more