Shakespeare On Multiple Wives: The Merry Wives Of Windsor

Sage Sweetwater erotic voice artist on Sound Cloud in Hollywood film promotion. Content Marketing intellectual properties in prep for cutting a CD. Poetry that sells!

Dominga Rio of Cuero: Phoenix Rising

Dominga Rio of Cuero: Phoenix Rising transmitting a bad-ass timed exposure, blackpowder bonding anvil to reckoning, bible, preacher and fire, Judas and liar...(CON'T.)...more

Sage Sweetwater Celebrity Lesbian Novelist RAPS with Eminem: Summit Lust

Sage Sweetwater Celebrity Firebrand Lesbian Novelist shows her writing diversity through esoteric poetry in a new genre of alchemistry rap with background music by Eminem....more

Celebrating Lesbian Ministers

Celebrating same-sex relationships in today's New Age Lesbian Ministry. Read Celebrity Firebrand Lesbian Novelist Sage Sweetwater's New Age Lesbian Spirituality! ...more

The Sundance Wives Official Website

The Sundance Wives Official Website Four lesbian women, each one a baby boomer born between 1946 and 1964, have learned it all from scratch, by living it through farm and ranch and from education in environmental "range law" - What this arrangement of The Sundance Wives is, is a self-selection time-honored tradition of which community art can be made through writing and painting.Upcoming and exciting things happening fo...more

The Sundance Wives: Integrating the Wagon Wheel and the Vagina

Everything is a concept until integrated. Just as the Wagon Wheel, until integrated with three other Wagon Wheels to make four, will it roll a wagon. Mending the cracked Vagina and mending the Wagon Wheel are a whole lot alike....more


 Your writings always ...more

Sage Sweetwater to Release lesbian western Madam Blaze Starr: Whiskey and Sagebrush Truth in Eights and Aces in 2010!

The Lesbian Western Sequel to Dominga Rio of Cuero COMING in 2010! Blazing HOT! Sage Sweetwater has a brand new box of Matches! ...more

Erotic Lesbian Stories by Sage Sweetwater

Sage Sweetwater Geared For New Line of Erotic Lesbian Stories January 2009 From the desk of Sage Sweetwater sending out to her fans a hot message steeped in sensuality with the laws of nature and the laws of lesbian attraction. ...more

Dominga Rio of Cuero by Lesbian Author Sage Sweetwater Soon to be a Novel of Reckoning

Dominga Rio of Cuero rides out of Custer County on the journey to Publish Hill! Dominga Rio of Cuero is a brilliant narrative by Sage Sweetwater, superlative lesbian storyteller of our times, bringing this story to her audience through the lesbian western, written in the screenplay version. Sage Sweetwater uses narrative fiction to voice female experience as well as lesbian themes and concerns. Sage Sweetwater writes from the 1960s revolutionary feminist era. ...more