Spring Break- A Project a Day

Instead of long travel or sticking to regular routine, for this spring break we're spending time together exploring history with borrowed museum artifacts, photography by putting together a camera, art with a box full of new materials, story with audio stories even we grownups look forward to hearing, and of course nature and the vastness in our backyard. ...more

Home School Life Magazine Give Away and Our 1st Day

Today begins our first day of homeschooling as a complete family. For a number of reasons our oldest is now home, continuing 2nd grade in a new way. This is not the path I imagined we'd walk when I first became a mother or a teacher, but it's the direction the last eight years has gradually pointed toward. We are so excited to be beginning. ...more

Starting Again

So much hope and time can be put into the New Year and resolutions, but what happens when it's January 3rd and you already have forgotten to do whatever you set off to do...Do you wait until next January- 362 days from now. I'm over at Mamalode talking about starting again and how resolutions have shifted for me over the years. I'd love for you to join me there!http://mamalode.com/story/detail/starting-again...more

On the Solstice

Today we began what I hope will be ritual and tradition. A day to spend giving and thinking about Light- in every sense of the word...http://sagetribe02.typepad.com/blog/2013/12/on-the-solstice.html...more

Simple and Special- Making Ornaments

My family and I will be creating ornaments for our tree every night for the next 21 days out of treasures found in the woods, recycled materials, and left over craft supplies. Details can be found http://sagetribe02.typepad.com/blog/2013/12/simple-and-special-daily-crafting-begins.html Feel free to link up your own creations!  We're going with simple- nothing bought.  I hope you'll join us.  ...more

On Being Vulnerable

Last week there was this beautiful theme circulating on many of the blogs I read. Each writer, in their own way, reminding themselves and their readers that perfection is what holds us back from being happy, connecting to others, and being true to ourselves. It's recognizing that who we are is ENOUGH that matters and creates change......more

Learning at Home- A Little Structure

Seeking balance in the way I spend my day, I "BE" with my three year old. Seeking a way for her to have freedom in her day and for both of us to the enough structure to lead us intentionally though our day, to keep us from spending too much time on the computer or hopping from one thing to another with really "being" with any one thing. Trying something I'm calling Smarts. ...more

Intentional Time

A year ago, when I first started envisioning my time home, it looked very much like now- more time to write, to read books without having to create lessons for extra digestion; time to create with my wee people, and most importantly time to pause, breathe, and be in the moment. Time as a working mother was going just too fast. The pace was doable, but not doable. Not doable in the way I knew it could be if we slowed down. ...more

When Camping

Ignore the cold (HA) by taking a long walk through the colored palates of the season, and ignore the whine of children who stayed up late eating too many s'mores and "HATE" sleeping bags (unless they are in yours with you).Find a quiet spot and get LOUD with giggles- despite yourself.Continue reading post...more

Rhythm of the Home- Make your own snack bags and gratitude

Have you heard of the online magazine Rhythm of the Home? If not, you're in for such a beautiful experience of words, crafts, recipes, and ideas on living simply. Find some place quiet, brew something warm, make sure the two and four legged are somewhere else or quiet, and just begin. Make sure you have time and do check out the archieves!...more