March Madness - SAHM Project - Entry Eight

The month of March. I had never found anything particularly exciting about this span of 31 days that takes up space once a year. Sure, there is St. Patrick's day, a really neat celebration, especially for those of us of Irish decent. But aside from that, March has always just been there. My view on March has changed a bit. For some reason, the month of March has been ordained as a extremely important month in my life. For the last two years, March has held the most highly anticipated and exciting events to grace my existence. ...more

The Case Against the Flawed (almost) SAHM - SAHM Project - Entry Seven

Self-evaluation is never easy. No one likes to admit when, or how many times, they are wrong. This is especially true for me. But, self-evaluation is necessary for any real, beneficial changes to occur in ones behaviors. And it seems on days that I am most adament about avoiding the blemishes on my character, my husband turns into a gigantic, gaudy mirror, waiting with baited breath to point out that I'm not as sweet as I claim to be. ...more

The Trimesters of Life - SAHM Project - Entry Six

Pregnancy and I have a love/hate relationship. I am not one to have an easy time with pregnancy in the first trimester. I'm the mama with her head in the toilet, the trash can, the parking lot of Target, the random grocery bag I find lying in my car. It's just not a pretty thing. There is no beauty, no poise, no food left in my stomach. But it is also during this time that I am most excited at the prospect of this new little life inside of me. ...more

Pulling off the highway - SAHM Project - Entry Five

Today I had a very surreal experience on my everyday commute to work. It is not often that this drive is cosmically metaphorical, it's not even fun, exciting, or interesting. It's typically just a boring stretch of road that leads to another boring stretch of road, that leads me straight to my 8 hour prison cell. Sedentary Land. Sit, type, file, email, talk on the phone. Ooops I'm depressing myself!!...more

To See Your Face - SAHM Project - Entry Three

Today I get to see the most amazing thing. I get to see the face and features of the little boy who is changing my life. That's right, today I am getting a 4D sonogram of my little guy! My husband, daughter, and I are going to be stunned I'm sure at the amazing sight of this baby inside my tummy. I'm also excited because I'm going to have a visual reminder of why I'm making this drastic life change. You see, I have guilt. ...more

SAHM Project - Entry Two

It is day two of the SAHM Project, and today is fine example of why I am so desperate to leave this place! Cut-throat. Pirates. Betrayers. Back stabbers. All of these things perfectly describe my co-workers and the organization I work in. ...more