3 Ways to make laundry fun

When my husband and I got our very first apartment, we had a basic washing machine and dryer. We pretty much loaded the machine, turned the dial to the start position and pulled the knob. \Our laundry room was so tiny, only one of us could do laundry at a time. There was literally no room to do anything but bring clothes in and out. Since then, we've expanded our family and moved into our first home with a family-size laundry room. We do 10 to 15 loads per week, so if we can do that much laundry and enjoy it, our tips may be worth checking out....more

Do you ever dream about your child's tomorrow?

My son just started middle school and is getting closer to the grade when students are encouraged to choose a course of study. The choice is related to what they want to do in the future. So to help him narrow down his decision, I took the Dreamer Traits in Children quiz over the weekend....more

Creating a Back to School Goals Time Capsule plus Printable Student Goal Planner: Coca-Cola

After talking with my youngest daughter, Niyah, I decided to work on a special project with her. She is my creative child who helps a lot behind the scenes with styling, photography and projects. I knew combining her love for crafts with her school goals would motivate her and give us something to do together....more

Mini Backyard Vacation

Have you realized this summer is almost over? I just did and was thinking it would be nice to do one more special something with my family. I came up with a bunch of things we could do, but after looking at my budget realized a full blown vacation wasn't feasible. So instead of a full blown vacation I decided to use some creativity. Once I figured out how much I could spend I decided to create a mini backyard beach vacation. ...more