Breast Cancer Survivor Keepsake Box

Yes, this is my second post of the day... I have failed to mention that my newest box has been created and it's near and dear to my heart. I've created a Breast Cancer Survivor Keepsake box. Both my mother and grandmother were diagnosed and fought the battle with breast cancer, and they are both survivors. My goal is to sell these boxes and have a portion of the proceeds go towards breast cancer research....more

New Start

   Today, of course is a new day for all, but for me it begins a new journey in my life. My husband was offered a second job yesterday, and this means that I can stop my job searching and continue to stay home and be the best mom I can be to my  8 daughters. The thought of leaving them horrified me, now that boys are becoming a major subject in the thoughts of some of their minds. I will also continue to have the great opportunity to craft daily and to get my business on the road to discovery. I'm soooo excited!! ...more

Busy Weekend, No Play!

 What a busy weekend. Getting everything unpacked and in its place has taken its toll on me. The girls have been helping out here and there, but not as much as I want. But oh no, Im not the yelling mood, so I let them be.... I just want my crafting area complete..Im still organizing all of my things, and I still have more unpacked. HELP! I hope I will be crafting again soon. I got 4 sales via ETSY this week, which has me very happy,and if that isnt enough inspiration to get me creating, then what is?  ...more

New crafting area

I just moved into a new home, and I cant wait to set up my crafting area. My husband doesnt mind that our new master bedroom is going to be my new sanctuary for creating. Its a huge room, so he wont feel totally bombarded, (bless his heart) I will post pics once I get everything situated. Furthermore, my daughters are even happy for me....more
 @Denise  Thanks alot, will do.more

Being a crafter and a full time mom to 8 daughters........

   Hello, I am a crafty mom of 8 beautiful girls, ages ranging from 18 (thinks she's fully grown) to age 6(thinks she's fully grown). I love being home taking care of my girls, and being able to craft as much as I want.     I am trying to get my crafting business (Beautifully Altered Boxes) off the ground. I have been handcrafting photo boxes for over 6 months now. I love what I do, and I have gotten such a positive response from family, friends,and so many others. I have also opened an ETSY store in November....more
I just moved into a new home, and I cant wait to set up my crafting area. My husband doesnt mind ...more

Beautifully Altered Boxes

Hello, I am a crafty mother of 8 girls.....I alter photo boxes and I absolutely love it. I am new to the BlogHer community, and I'm just about ready to do anything to get recognized....( check out my site)

Creative Minded Woman

 I would love to talk with other creative minded, and crafty women. I have heard lots of good feedback when it comes to the BlogHer web page.Please feel free to check out my ETSY shop. I made my first two sales in January. I am so very grateful for this. ...more
I would love to talk with someone in relation to getting my crafting business off of the ground. ...more