Why I love Mo’Nique.

I recently attended a taping of BET’s The Mo’Nique Show.  You know Mo’Nique that won an Oscar for the movie Precious....more

7 Things I love about the South

This will probably be a recurring topic on my blog.  The topic is "Things I love about the South".  Today I have composed a list of 7 things I love about the South.  I'm coming up on my 3rd year anniversary of living in Atlanta so I think it's appropriate to express my happiness about crossing the Mason Dixon line.    1....more

Unfortunately, it isn't a widespread chain so you can live in the south and never come across ...more

My Natural Hair

So after years of relaxing my hair I knew that my hair was fried.  I kept cutting it shorter and shorter and noticed that the hair was not growing back.  Once I made the move from Ohio to Atlanta my chemical romance came to an end.  I went to a salon and the stylist said your hair is severly damaged you need to go natural.  I knew what she was telling me was true  but I was faced with a dilemma what do I do with my natural hair.  The last time my hair was natural was when I was a child wearing pigtails....more

Oprah's No Phone Zone Pledge

I haven't blogged in a few days.  I've been really sick with a sinus infection.  The high pollen counts are irritating me too.  I'm feeling much better and inspired to blog.  I decided to sign Oprah's No Phone Zone Pledge....more

Birthday Party an Excuse to go Shopping

You'll have to forgive me because I'm still a little behind in my blog posts.  So last Saturday I went to a 30th birthday party for a friend of mine.  I don't go out much so this was a very big deal.  I knew the husband would not come with me.  Anyway, in true BAP fashion I couldn't find anything to wear in my closet so I had to go shopping.  I ended up settling on going to Ross instead of the mall to save money.  I ended up finding the cutest belted jean blazer.  I justified buying it because I am down a total of 25lbs now.  I still have a lot more w...more

My Black is Beautiful Reality Television Show on BET taping

I decided to keep pursuing my quest for work in the entertainment industry.  I tried to get casted on a reality makeover show.  I wasn't chosen but to my surprise they invited me to attend the taping of the show with VIP access.  Lucky Me!  The show is called My Black is Beautiful http://myblackisbeautiful.com/ and will air on BET. You can also follow them on Twitter MBIBMovement....more

Introducing Sakeenah's Blog

After months of prompting by friends and co-workers, I decided to start a blog.  The first thing I thought about was what would I talk about and how often would I post?  I realized that the best blogs are just about unrehearsed unscripted unexpected life experiences.  So my blog will be a snapshot of my life right now.  I'm a 30 something African-American woman married 8 years with no children pursuing a career in entertainment and experience ATL from a Yankee/Midwestern point of view. ...more