Spicy Cowboy Sparkle Dust: My Lazy-Day Secret

Sometimes I’m a lazy cook. Don’t bother me with a recipe and don’t make me pull out a cookbook. Just give me some sparkle dust (seasoning mix) to transform my plain...more

Susan’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Susan’s name is scribbled at the top of this family legend. She is married to my older brother and they live...more

The Many Lives of Our Kitchen

Our kitchen as it looks after our recent redecorating frenzy– July 2014 While I wait for inspiration...more

Frosted Fresh Blackberry Scones

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy, they say. Well, livin’ may be easy, but hanging out in the kitchen on a hot Texas day is not so much. If I’m going to turn the oven on, it has to be before 9 o’clock in the morning ....more

Cornmeal Dinner Rolls | A Bread Machine Recipe

The shape of these rolls takes me back to the brown-and-serve rolls my mother-in-law used to serve on holidays. She liked to split them straight out of the oven, just enough to cradle a big hunk of butter (probably margarine now that I think about it). ...more

Six Ways To Improve Your Homemade Pizza | Chicken Pesto Pizza

Do you like to make your own pizza at home? If you tried and weren’t entirely happy with it, here are six tips I learned from working in research and development for a national pizza chain a few years ago. CRUST: 1 ....more

Southwestern Chicken-Stuffed Spuds

My kitchen is still undergoing minor renovation as I mentioned in my last post....more

Boss No More and a New Mason Jar

Painted faux-stone fireplace Before: the original faux stone fireplace in all its goldy-orangey glory. What you can’t see to the left is my shiny black grand piano–not so good with rustic rocks. A dry spell has come over my kitchen here lately ....more

Kay’s Swiss Chocolate Cake – A Crowd Favorite

It’s a feather-light chocolate cake that goes down way too easily. My Alabama sister takes it to church meetings, family gatherings, and anywhere else people congregate to accomplish big things or just want to visit for awhile. She claims it’s expected she will bring it and has become her most requested cake ....more

Sweet Hawaiian-Style Rolls (Mixed in a Bread Machine)

Creating a clone of Sweet Hawaiian Bread has been on my recipe bucket list for a long time. I can tell by the ingredient list on the package sold at the supermarket that a home cook is not likely to figure out the exact recipe, but that doesn’t deter me. After many years of disappointment with recipes that claimed to imitate Sweet Hawaiian Bread, I think I’ve got it, at least for my taste ....more