15 Reasons to Give Up Soda

You’ve heard it before. That little voice inside your heard that says you should really give up soda. You know it’s bad for you, yet you can’t seem to stop ....more

Classic Cobb Salad|Ben Hur Movie Lunch

A much loved classic, the Cobb Salad was created in the 1930’s at the famous Hollywood restaurant, the Brown Derby. Recently I served a Cobb Salad to current Hollywood royalty, producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. Ben Hur Movie Lunch Burnett and Downey were at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California to preview their epic summer blockbuster movie, Ben Hur....more

Tomato Zucchini Casserole

Layers of red ripe tomatoes and green zucchini baked with a crisp cheesy tasting herb topping. The best of summer vegetables all in one dish.Tomato zucchini casserole. Bake one tonight ....more

Summer Gazpacho

Cool, healthy and refreshing gazpacho. Get ready to take the edge off of summer’s heat with this vibrantly colored chilled tomato and cucumber soup. Serve it alone or...more

Vegan Cheese Sauce

No-cheese sauce, vegan cheese sauce, cheesy sauce, non-dairy cheese sauce, but there is no real cheese in it. I’m just not sure what to call this, except delicious! And its so easy to make ....more

Dairy Free Cheesy Sprinkle

Cheesy-tasting but no cheese? Yes! This versatile, dairy free cheesy sprinkle tastes sort of like Parmesan ....more

All About Nutritional Yeast

While it might not sound too appetizing,...more

Spicy 10 Minute Taco Filling

Spicy and juicy, 10 minute taco filling with your choice of ground meat. Seriously, 10 minutes. I’ve made it over and over again these past few weeks for the two of us for lunch and decided it was time to post it for you ....more

Raspberry Shrub

Need a refreshing, thirst-quenching drink to combat the heat of summer? Here is your answer. And it cools you down without any alcohol or sugar ....more

July 4th Healthy Menu Planner

If you are trying to figure out the fireworks of your holiday menu and what will make it sparkle for your family and friends – ...more