Why I Won't Eat Nonorganic Potatoes

On my weekly shopping jaunt yesterday, I was irked to find the grocery store was out of organic baking potatoes. Frustrating. I was planning to have them for supper last night, and I already had the vegan chili beans for a topping. I thought about it for a minute—how could a vegetable that’s underground be sprayed directly with pesticides? The nonorganic potatoes must not be that bad, I thought. So I bought them instead. After I got home, I remembered an article my daughter had e-mailed me entitled, “The 7 foods experts won’t eat.” I pulled the article out of my file and…dang, sure enough, the fourth item on the list was “Nonorganic potatoes.”...more
Thank you sooo much for posting this! I buy organic & recently, my store was out as well. The ...more

Is Junk Food as Addictive as Heroin?

The researchers found that, for the rats being fed junk food, the pleasure centers in the brain became less responsive to the tasty high-fat food as time went by, requiring more and more junk food to stimulate the brain's pleasure centers. Consequently, the rats began to eat compulsively, taking in twice as many calories as the other group, and soon became obese. ...more
Great post, thanks! Sugar is definitely my downfall. And I've noticed similar addictive ...more

"Bundle Up Or You'll Catch a Cold" and Why We Really Get Sick

Growing up, I was told that getting chilled outside would give me a cold. "Put on your coat or you'll get sick!" my mother would shriek as I blasted out the door. It's true we're more likely to catch colds and flu during winter, but we don't catch colds or flu from going outside scantily clad. Why is it that we seem to catch more colds in the winter, then? ...more
Dear Sally. This is a very helpful post and I hadn't heard these theories before. They make ...more

Flourishing Pet Trade Threatens Orangutans' Survival

"Having a pet orangutan is a status symbol," I was told by my Indonesian friend Ria, who lives and works in Jakarta, Indonesia's capital. Doesn't matter if the animal lives in a small, dirty cage behind the house, which most do; it's still a social asset to have one. Image: Chris Shepherd via TRAFFIC ...more
That is so sad :(more

Top 5 Ways Livestock are Wrecking the Planet

Helping the environment is just one reason for dumping animal products from your diet. But it's a big one. It may be the most powerful choice you can make to help our ailing planet. If carnivorous friends and family give you a hard time for sticking to veggies, tell them some of these surprising eco-facts about the havoc wrought by livestock....more
"A 1% reduction in world-wide meat intake has the same benefit as a three trillion-dollar ...more