Driving Lessons

As school budgets shrink and vital programs get axed, I believe we have lost something CRUCIAL to humanity—DRIVERS ED....more

Top Ten Reasons to Celebrate Tim Keller on his 45th Birthday!

I wrote this 4 years ago! ...more

When Your Normal is My Crazy

This is me....more

Why Mom’s Can’t Get Sick

“Are you sick?” my friend inquires. “Yes,” I squeak out through strained vocal chords. She gives me the look—hands on hip, waving a spatula with a baby on her hip and toddlers whizzing by her feet ....more

The Man Thing

They say women are complicated. And I agree—wholeheartedly—but I don’t think men are as simple as some suggest. It’s not just sex, food and more sex that makes a man tick ....more

The (married) Sex Challenge

July 2014 There’s an article traveling around social media. It’s one of those kinds of blogs—you know the sexy kind. It catches my eye ....more

Love is Not a Feeling

Here is our first of four video blogs about dating now...more

The Messiest Mess

A few years ago I tumbled into a river. In white pants and wedges—with a not so graceful leap over a rock—I slipped, squealed and dropped into the murky water. I emerged wet, dirty, embarrassed and bloody ....more

Pretty Ugly-Why Dating the Hot Girl Sucks

A friend called the other day as I wolfed down a salad with my hubby at a nearby restaurant. In between bites, I listened to his sorry tale of a date gone AWKWARD. And as Tim and I laughed with (and at) our friend’s awful tale, I remembered how hard it is to date and how Really hard it is to find good prospects ....more

Why it’s Time to take off the Beer Goggles

On the outside looking in, my life is Insta/FB worthy....more