5 Halloween Costumes Everyone Will Do This Year

Remember that year when at least 5 people at every Halloween party was an Angry Bird?  Or Lady Gaga in her stuffed animal dress?  Or--my god--the Iron Mans???  SO MANY FUCKING IRON MANS! ...more

Why I Deleted Facebook (And You Should Too)

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The 7 Most Badass Atheist Songs

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Yes, There Are Woman Atheists! 15 Famous Female Atheists

We hear a lot about how “white men are the face of atheism” and “why women don’t subscribe to atheism” and shit.  Truth is, there are plenty of women who are atheists, even ones in the spotlight.  People just don’t listen to them. Kinda the story of our lives, as women. Here are 15 famous women who are self-professed atheists: 1. Julianne Moore ...more
Thanks for this. I think if you asked people to make a blind list of "smartest women in ...more

Best Atheism Quotes

Why I Am An Atheist

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"Gaslighting" Is The Best Word I Ever Learned

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Fitting Punishments for Common Small Crimes

"Let the punishment fit the crime" was something that was said by someone famous.  I have no idea who. ...more