There's Just Something about San Diego

It was an adventurous summer in 2003. I had just finished my junior year of college, so this was my last summer of freedom before entering the "real world." I took a road trip down the coast to San Diego with my best friend right after finals. Although I had visited before, finally exploring the city on my own made me realize that I couldn't deny the power that place had over me. ...more

The older I get…

... the less patience I have.This could be seen as a negative attribute, but I interpret it as a blessing in disguise. When I was really young, I feel like I over committed my time because I was afraid of disappointing others. I didn't speak up for myself when someone was taking me for granted. After a while I realized that I was always suffering the consequences by doing this. ...more

I'm back.. and I'm blogging. And I'm inventing my own quotes right now.

“Life is crazy in the ways it reminds us how easily significant moments can pass us by. If we blink too quickly, we might just miss them. And then we could suddenly find ourselves abandoned by our own absenteeism in the cold desolate dust wondering if there is more to clench onto than our monotonous day to day routines. Perhaps we are overlooking something more visceral, more real… something just past the boundaries of our peripherals.”...more

10 things NOT to do on a first date

Here are 10 things to tell your brothers / guy friends / sons NOT to do on or before a first date. 1. If you meet two girls at a party who are friends, don't be indecisive about which one you like. And by all means, do not explain to them that they are making you feel as if you are on "The Bachelor" as you suggest a future hang with the both of them… together. Seriously? Don't compare yourself to some sort of prized possession because it makes you look conceited. We're all adults. Just pick one. ...more

Learn to stand up for yourself.....

....and go after what you want. It’s important in life to seize opportunities in a timely manner. Like they say, feel the fear and do it anyways. That’s exactly what I did this week, for better or worse. And as I anxiously await the result(s), I rest assured knowing that it is now out of my hands. How does this vague reference to my own life apply to yours? Learn to stand up for yourself. If you know that you want something, let people know....more

Only Child Syndrome

As an only child, I am completely comfortable with spending an entire day alone when nothing else is going on. But perhaps because I am so used to this independence, I forget how integral I am to others' lives. I was just reminded of this tonight when a good friend wrote me and told me about a reoccurring dream she had that I am always in. And it make me think of how much I missed her and how my life would be without her, and how perhaps she feels the same about me. It brought a smile to my face....more

A fine line between bragging and sharing?

I find myself being accused of bragging recently, and I think it might be true. Is that wrong? As women in the workplace, we learn that the only way to be heard and get ahead is to be assertive. We force ourselves to put our modesty aside as we sell our strengths to our supervisors in reviews, to potential employers in interviews, to fellow coworkers so they respect us, etc. We fine tune this skill to stay in the game because we have to....more
So often we feel pride in our accomplishments, but also feel it tactless and fatheaded to ...more

Apparently, blog posts can't be deleted.

Interesting, Samantha. I have been unable to find a delete option and have just written to ...more


It's amazing what you can accomplish when you make something a priority....more

Flavor of the month

I have been a music lover since childhood. I remember waking up one Saturday morning to my father’s impressive vinyl collection blasting from the den and asking him who his favorite artist was. He gave me a stern look and replied, “Honey, to choose only one musician would be like committing to just one flavor of ice cream for the rest of your life.” This was an excellent correlation to make to a four year old. Today, I find that this is often still the case. So instead of elaborating on my favorite artist ever, I shall divulge my favorite artist right now....more