Monthly: Ashley's May Favourites

Hi lovelies, I can't even begin to tell you how hectic things have been for me the past month, ...more

Sponsored Review: Amore Silver

Hey loves,about a month ago, we were approached by Amore Silver to test out their range of jewelry and to write what we felt about them as well! While this was the first time so far we've ever been approached to review jewelry, we were very excited, especially when we saw the very cute and dainty range they had to offer! Just look at the picture above, how cute are the pieces? ...more

Event: Protect To Tell, Female Bloggers Event on Cervical Cancer

Hellooooo!Quite awhile back, Ash and I were invited to a very special event called Protect to Tell - a campaign informing about Cervical Cancer and how to prevent it. This seemed to baffle us a little, because people have always known us as a beauty review blog, we never thought we'd ever be invited to a talk about something so sombre and serious! At the same time, we've been recently discussing how to start inputting more information, which hit closer to home for us as women, on the blog ....more

Review: My Top 3 Clay Masks

If you've known me long enough - be it as a reader, an Instagram follower, a friend, a family member, you'll know I love my clay masks. My sister in law constantly sees me around the house with some spots of grey/black all over my face and my baby niece always asks, "What ter that?" when she points to them haha....more

Review: Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium/Deep

Hi lovelies, ...more

Sponsored Review: Too Cool for School's Jean George Llong

Hey babes,this post is a little overdue, and I apologize, because school was hectic till the 21st of April and I've been recuperating since then hahaha. For those who follow us on our Social Media, refer to buttons on the side, you'd know I've been posting photos about this hunkalicious product as shown below! It was so kindly sponsored to us by Too Cool for School...more

Monthly: Our April Favourites

We cannot tell you how much we have been looking forward to the end of April. Of course, we get to share our favourites but more significantly we are done with school! School is O-V-E-R! ...more

Tag: Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

Step aside ladies, there's a new way of applying makeup - Have your best friend apply it blindfolded. Yes, you'll looking stunning, people will stop in their paths just to admire the beautiful selection of war paint that you're best friend has decided to apply for you!Since we had a great response from our Not my arms makeup and the boyfriend does my makeup challenge, we thought... what better challenge to do next that the blindfolded makeup challenge! ...more

Event: Clozette's Tea Party

Hi loves, Just about a month ago, Sam & I were ...more

Event: Bellabox Backstage Beauty 2.0

Hi lovelies, Hope you all have had a very lovely weekend! So, whilst we were on our little hiatus for the week that we were supposed to be completely focused on our school work, we snuck a little time out of our schedule to attend the Bellabox Backstage Beauty 2.0 event at Oasia Hotel. We were so kindly invited by Becks to the attend the fun filled evening with several brands that are affiliated with BB ....more