What To Wear From Office To Evening Out

This question comes up on an almost daily basis. A common scenario ... you are getting dressed for work at 8 o'clock in the morning and, all of a sudden, it dawns on you that you are heading straight out to dinner ...more

What To Wear To An Interview

You have an interview. You're not sure what to wear. Is the dark suit considered passé these days? What is appropriate? ...more

Emotional Balance Feeds Personal Style

It's amazing what a little balance in our lives will do. It's critical to find it, wherever that may be. Think about it. Without balance, how is it possible to find, let alone express, your style? How can you be you when you are surrounded by stress? You can't. ...more

Nanotechnology: The New Buzzword

Nanotechnology could just become the next buzzword in the beauty industry. Although it's been around for centuries, it's relatively new to cosmetics and skin care. So, what is it? ...more

The New Rock Stars

Have you heard? Mineral activity is heating up ... compliments of your latest and greatest skin care product lines. These megacreams, that utilize gemstones, minerals and precious metals from deep below the earth's surface, claim to erase wrinkles and energize skin cells. With ingredients such as sapphires, citrines, diamonds and gold ... what will they think of next? ...more

August Product Reviews

I enjoyed testing many new products this past month, ranging from skin care and cosmetics to fashion staples. Here's what I thought of the following: Dr. Brandt's lineless eye cream ...more

Isn't It Ironic

I can't help but hear Alanis Morissette singing to me after experiencing irony myself over the weekend. My song is a little different though, it goes like this... After attending an awesome CEO conference in the back woods of Minnesota, I headed south to Saint Paul to visit with my sister, Kelly. Work has been crazy with no light at the end of the tunnel for more weeks than I would like to admit, so shopping was the absolute most necessary outlet for me. Kelly obliged ... off to tax-free shopping. ...more

Shoe Shoe Foo Foo

This post is named after my favorite shoe boutique in Sonoma, CA - Shushu Fufu. Shout out to you, Elizabeth! You introduced me to the world of high-end shoes, for which I will be forever grateful ... and my husband will forever regret! ...more

Lessons Learned

I would be remiss if I didn't share my most recent mishaps with you. I mean really, why shouldn't everyone else learn from my mistakes? If you take away one thing from this, it should be skin care awareness. Lesson #1 - Just because a Derm Doc is tenured and credentialed, doesn't mean he is properly educated in his field. ...more

New trend? Let's hope not.

I came across these pictures posted on Fashionista.com last week. Good gracious! I know you see some interesting things on the runway, but one can only hope that this is not an up and coming trend in hair styles. ...more