Creating a Winter Garden


Cheap Ways to Stay Warm

    While trying to maintain a comfortable “cozy” in my apartment, I realized that winter and summer are probably the seasons we spend the most on our bills via heating/cooling. Then I thought - there must be better ways to keep the cozy without spending so much cash. I did a little research as well as thought on my own and put together a list of three of what I think to be remarkably simple and ingenious ways to keep comfortable while keeping bills low (or rather, lower)....more
This is one of those places where being green and saving money go together! Home heating/cooling ...more

Arctic Despair & Why We Should Care

Within the past couple months, there was a mass posting and publishing both online and in newspapers of articles about the Arctic Sea Ice melting. The ice has reached a record low at just 24% coverage (opposed to the last record low at 29%). This melting has revealed land masses that potentially withhold valuable fossil fuels and oils that have caused nations all over the globe to scramble for territory to mine, drill, and blow up in search of a possible fortune....more

First Post!

Hello!Welcome to my blog! :) ...more
Welcome! The best way to get familiar with the site is to scroll down to the bottom right click ...more