A True Story of Life and Death

During my last month of pregnancy, December 4 to be exact, my mother was hospitalized for what would be the final month of her life. We had been battling her cancer for a year and three months and were in it together, at every turn. From our weekly chemo appointments together, to our hobby of managing and sorting her myriad of drugs, to planning menus and meals that would make her happy and comfortable and bring her miraculous health. We were in it together. It was OUR cancer. Just as it was OUR pregnancy....more

Days of Love and Cancer

July 7, 2006 Is it better to tap into memories of your mother when you’re sad, or serene? I don’t remember the details of my mother’s last 22 days the way I wish I could. The way I feel I should in order to fully memorialize her. Part of me feels like a bad daughter – perhaps there when she needed me but not fully present enough to remember the conversations, activities, or emotions that would have compelled me to ask the important life questions of those you love. When they needed to be asked. When time was running out. But was time really running out? I had no idea. ...more