Fake n' Bake? Or Au Naturale?

I chose fake n’ bake.  ...more

Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down

 I apologize ahead of time if this is too much information.   I endured my 2nd workout with Ginger today.  It was, by far, more painful than yesterday’s workout and if my legs had a mouth of their own, they would be screaming profanities at me right now.  ...more

I feel out of my shower earlier this week. I have no excuse. I wasn't sore from exercising or ...more

"Bloggers Anonymous" Support Group. Any Takers?

Yes, that’s me standing in the corner with my arms raised yelling “Everybody look at me!” I’m completely obsessed with “BlogHer”. I ‘heart’ BlogHer. ...more

Is this thing on? Check . . . Check . . .

After I posted this, there was a box at the bottom that asked me if I wanted to "post to my ...more

Happy Easter! You Want Fries With That?

I was raised as a Southern Baptist.  And while I can appreciate the religious meaning that goes along with Easter and pastel colored eggs, I cannot condone the lack of intelligence that graces my ex-husband.  I’m assuming that I am OK to write about ex-husbands as this is a female driven website.   ...more

Sending out an APB

If anyone has a "How to Guide" for this site, i would love to view it.  I've heard great things about BlogHer and have been told that if I want my blog viewed, I need to become a member.  However after plucking my way around this site for a couple of days, I've come to the realization that maybe I'm out of my league here.   I would love some feedback on my site (kind of new to blogging) and would just love to find some people that are struggling as much as I am with  - life in general.   ...more

Thank you for being so nice!! That's my problem as well. I don't know how to use BlogHer. Do ...more

Brand New to BlogHer!

Hey everybody, I'm brand new to "BlogHer" and I'm flying a little blind here.  If there is anyone out there that can provide their expertise on this site, I would be forever grateful!   Thanks so much!~Sande...more