How to Deal When You Have More Month Than Money

I look around and see a lot of people hurting financially. I hate that. Some have lost their jobs, others have made a financial mess for themselves, and both are in fear of what the future holds. At any rate, here we are. We need to skinny-up and get our own house in order before sending money to another person’s house. ...more

I'm glad you found some hope here, I'm tickled for you.

Just wanted to say good for ...more

How Kids and Money Can Mix

Kids and Money ...more

Too Much Month Left At The End Of The Money~Case Study II's a week until payday and I'm overdrawn. I can't believe it happened again! I don't know where all my money went. Can you help me? ...more

Bless ya for saying so Denise! Since I've been teaching personal finance classes, ...more

Becoming Debt Free Q and A

Thanks for your questions and comments on personal finance. Keep 'em coming, I LOVE reading them. The following email, struck me as universal and probably the most common question I get asked... I have to ask how were you able to live on the budget.  I try to stick to a budget, but stuff always gets in the way.  I'd love to know how you were so disciplined. ...more

Debt Free Living~Key To A Simple Life (The Series)

It was bound to happen. If I read enough books on money management, we would some day end up, debt free.  Finally we did. ...more
I advise people to take care of the core problem of spending by getting a budget together and ...more

A Post Valentines Day and Stimulus Bill Hangover

I used to have a general rule about candy intake: pace yourself. I have abandon this theory, and have adopted the: eat it all and barely survive the natural consequences that comes with 24 hours of constant sugar intake theory. It happened last night. Ben woke me up from a great dream to say we had a puker. He is a sympathetic puker, so I made my way to the bathroom, where our oldest was heaving. Do you suppose it’s from all the sugar? “Yes! (heave) I’ll never eat candy again! (heave) It was stupid! (heave)” Poor guy, I hate it when the kids are sick. ...more

The Felon That Didn't Go To Jail

It seems no matter where I have lived in the country, strange things happen around me. A few days ago,  there was a traffic stop right here close to our wheat field. The suspect was cuffed but not stuffed. It was so strange. What was even crazier, the deputy that was on duty that night, left his car, the contraband, AND the felon lying in plain view of this Jane Doe Public. Needless to say, I was freaked out. I wanted to call the law, but the law was already here. What do you do? I did what I always do… and asked Ben what he thought was going on. ...more

Fuss and Feathers

This place is all about fuss and feathers, hormones trips and all things women. Quite a change from my rough and tumble boy filled life in here Kansas. I like it. So far great info and folks. Come visit me at Reclaim Simplicity. Sis ...more

How to Recession Proof Your Life…Hint: It’s not by eating PORK!

crossposted on Some days I can’t hear anything  for all panic about the sky falling, the world coming to an end, and rumors of the second great depression. Gloom, doom darkness and despair. Woe is me. ...more

The Other Woman

crossposted on Ben has another woman. Oh, I've known about her for sometime now. She's the reason for numerous emails, texts, and phone conversations. If that's not enough, he claims she IS his passion. And with her in his arms, all his cares just drift away.  Sometimes it's not the secrets in life that hurt. It's the blatant open affection shown to HER that hurts.  I caught them together the other day. ...more