Women Networking and Social Sites

Its funny how full circle I have come. I really was not searching for networking with other women, I started out by using the internet for stress reduction, I think I have found the end of the internet. When you start going back into yourself and seeking out humans then you know you have come to the end of the net. No longer satisfied by the virtual world, I seek other women and men too who I can identify with and bond with on a real human experience level....more

I too have the same interests as you. Just started blogging last month. You can visit by blog ...more

Donations are crucial this year

Hi EveryoneYou are recieving this because either through some act of kismet, blood or timing we are relatives, friends, coworkers or activity partners. This is the first of messages (either electronic or snail mail) I am sending regarding two important events I am taking part in this year. The AVON Breast Cancer Walk and the Multiple Sclerosis Society Walk.I have two websites I would like for you to visit today or tomorrow, www.inhonorof.infoandwww.formydad.info ...more