Flood Victims Show Strenght in Pakistan

An interesting e-mail from a colleague was a timely reminder to remember the devastation caused by the continuing Pakistan floods....more

Vanity Fair Best Dressed List

Samantha Cameron and Carla Bruni may be political fashion rivals but the British and French First Ladies have been united by Vanity Fair magazine, which has featured them on its annual best-dressed list.The Prime Minister’s elegantly pregnant wife – who is due to give birth next month – made her debut on the list alongside her Dior-wearing French counterpart and Michelle Obama, who made her fourth consecutive appearance....more

Dressing Sensibly When on Trail

Acknowledging the gravity of the trial, we were for once spared the histrionics, the tantrums and frosty, arched eyebrows as Naomi Campbell gave perhaps the most serious and sombre performance of her life.In fashion-speak that meant ditching the “diva” outfits. To date she has turned up to court in thigh-skimming, clingy dresses, “I’m a celebrity” shades, 4in stilettos and dripping in jewellery....more

Who Wears the Trousers

Trousers are they Fashion Classic, or Dull Classic? God knows I love trousers. But after seasons of harems, jumpsuits, jeggings, rompers, the 7/8th, Houlihans, carrot tops and banana legs, keeping a hold of my trouser compass has become a taxing occupation....more

Pakistan floods - natural disasters on this scale deserve our support and aid.

I've just been reading about the terrible floods that have hit North West Pakistan following the torrential monsoon rains.The people in Pakistan have suffered devastating floods caused by torrential rains, flash floods and landslides that have swept away roads and bridges.  Thousands of people are stranded, hundreds of villages have been swept away. Though many soldiers and people devise ways and means to relieve refugees, more than 1100 people have been killed and it is reported that two million are affected...more

I just wrote a post about the consequences of more rainfall - ...more

Jump Suits

Who would have predicted that everyone would be wearing jump suits — until not long ago the preserve of skydivers, Formula One drivers and 1980s skiers — as par for this summer's fashion course. Sure, when right, they do reference the halcyon Halston days of disco. ...more

Very trendy! But no way I could pull those babies off! I would look like a clown...more


One of the best things about being a fashion blogger is that designers like to give me things. My latest amazing shoes were given to me by the Italian designer Gianvito Rossi, and my dress was a gift from Hermione de Paula — I love her cute prints. I have a backpack that was a gift from another designer, Vinti Andrews — it’s made out of remodelled vintage Nike jackets.If I get sent something that isn’t my style, I pass it on to my little sister, but its amazing when you get a thoughtful gift to know that someone really understands your style....more

In general, my look is relaxed. I go for simple but quirky pieces and comfort is always keymore

Pom Poms

Cheerleading is exhausting, acrobatic, dangerous for participants and the focus of a booming subculture promoting it as an American cultural icon. It is popular with legions of panting teenagers of both sexes and has been depicted in five films in the Bring It On series alone. It is also an under-reported activity in the biographies of George W. Bush, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Renée Zellweger and Steve Martin....more

This is misleading. He didn't say it isn't a sport. He said it doesn't qualify as a sport ...more