PhotoHunt ~ AUBURN

AU ...more

PhotoHunt ~ Crimson

The PhotoHunt for today is Crimson BAMA's Crimson Tide! Saturday in Alabama is all about football The Bear is our iconic coach ~ Of course Nick Saban is making his own mark ....more

PhotoHunt ~ Quaint

The PhotoHunt for today is 'Quaint' This is one of my favorite past-times in Italy Just sitting at the little corner cafe, drinking a spritz, and watching the people rush by. It is a Quaint little spot ....more

Black~Eyed Pea Salad

I wanted to post the recipe for my Black-Eyed Pea Salad that I made while at the beach for our intimate poolside party for 60. But In all the excitement (and perhaps the influence of bushwackers), I didn't take a single photo of the peas ....more

The Coolest Party

I finally have something to post for Blue Monday.We have just gotten back from a fabulous wedding weekend at the beach.Rob & Brandi took care of ...more

PhotoHunt ~ Wed

The PhotoHunt for today is 'wed' ...more

PhotoHunt ~ Toes

The PhotoHunt today is 'Toes' I think you could say that I have Traveling Toes Lots of pictures of my toes on the go Toms are my favorite traveling shoes ~ except for the time that only rain boots would do ....more

PhotoHunt ~ Public

The PhotoHunt for today is Public Public transportation is the ONLY way to get around London This is the view form the Number 11.Check for all the other Public Photos on The Saturday PhotoHuntHappy Hunting y'all~Sandi ...more

PhotoHunt ~ Beard

The PhotoHunt for today is Beard. I was digging through photos for a fabulous beard (isn't that what the photohunt is all about?)I cam across these photos of my favorite museum in Florence This is the monastary San Marco ~ 15th century church and convent that housed the dominican artist ...more

PhotoHunt ~Kid

The Saturday PhotoHunt is 'Kid'Yesterday a popup on my Kayak showed that airfare to Italy was $600 LESS than it has been.I resisted. But ....more