PhotoHunt ~ Brush

The PhotoHunt for today is 'Brush'I am thinking of Paint Brushes ~ Our favorite artists in Positano are always glad to see us when we wander by (or should I say wander BUY) They really are Amazing artists. I have one of Dominoco's paintings on my wall and we have a pair of Andrea's framed as well ....more

Traveling to California Wine Country

Y'all know I have spent a lot of time in Wine Country But this was a new adventure for me.I actually flew out to meet friends in Los Alamos ~ California wine country! You could almost see the Hollywood sign as we flew into LAX ....more

PhotoHunt ~ Wheels

The PhotoHunt for today is 'wheels'I am a bit obsessive about taking pictures of vespa's in Italy. These little 'wheels' are for more than just transportation They make a great little gathering point ....more

PhotoHunt ~Cherished

The PhotoHunt for today is 'Cherished'This photo is about 25 years old. My dad 'The Col.' back in the day when he loved the beach and my sister who still loves the beach.We are still going to the very same beaches these days. The more it changes ....more

A Cali~Cauli Cookoff ?

This past week I was lucky enough to join my traveling friends in Los Alamos for a SlowBowl. These are long time friends from around the country, who love to travel.And Love to Eat.One of the dishes we had was the cauliflower gratin from Full of Life Pizza we all agree'd it was To.Die.For ...more

PhotoHunt ~ Plaid

The PhotoHunt today is Plaid That seems easy enough doesn't it?Good Gravy!I finally found some bar stools that I painted eons ago ~ with a plaid design. I am still using them too ....more

Cooking Light ~ A Night at the Oscars

For Our Cooking Light Virtual Supper Club this month, we are celebrating A Night at the Oscar's.First we were to pick a movie ~ then a dish to share 'virtually' with the supper club.The movie I picked is 'Eat Pray Love' because those are my favorite things in the world.My dish is a Fontal Polenta with a Mushroom Saute. This video on Cooking Light...more

PhotoHunt ~Cube

The PhotoHunt for today is 'Cube'Of course I immediately thought of Gail's packing cubes This is a method of packing where you organize things in individual little cubes. Cubes are one way ....more


I love the little details that go into making a wedding unique and special.Brooke's wedding had so many special little details and so many people who made the evening a success. Happy Bride ...more

Wedding Bliss

Our Beautiful niece Brooke was married last week in a wonderful outdoor wedding (yes in January) The weather was perfect. Every detail was just as they wanted it ....more