Esme turned 4!

She turned 4 more than more than three weeks ago, and I'm just now finally writing about it. For shame.We had a really great day. These kids of mine, they sure are fun to hang out with ....more

A Homeschooling Mother's Plea

Ah, homeschooling. A topic that generates strong feelings from its proponents and adversaries alike. At times, these strong feelings lead to impassioned debates, outlandish accusations, or tearful confessions, all stemming from both sides of the argument ....more

Esme's 4th Birthday Party!


Saturday, May 4th. The day that won't live on in infamy.

This past Saturday, the 11th, held 2 soccer games, a dorky-ork game club for Jack, a baby shower for yours truly, and -- blissfully -- 2 canceled baseball games. But it barely holds a candle to the previous Saturday's schedule. Here's a photo diary of that infamous day: ...more

Washington, D.C., Day 6: Discovery! (The Space Shuttle. For realz.)

Today started a little differently than the rest of our trip. I've been working for the good folks over at A Mighty Girl since last summer, and they're based here in D.C.! When I knew that we'd be coming to town, the founder and I decided that a face-to-face that wasn't skype-based was most definitely in order.  It was so lovely to sit and chat, talking shop but also just getting to know each other better ....more

Washington, D.C., Day 5: Pandas and Police

Saturday was a fabulous day. A good friend of mine from high school and her family live in D.C., and we were lucky enough to get to spend the day with them. We finally made it to the National Zoo, where Jack has been begging to go all week long, and it was a beautiful day to spend outside.  ...more

Washington, D.C., Day 4: That's a lot of planes.

This morning, we were exceptionally slow in getting out of the hotel. So slow, in fact, that we didn't leave until after noon. This meant that I didn't have to pack our lunches since we ate them in our hotel room, which was nice, and it meant that I had some time to get some writing done for A Mighty Girl, which was also nice, but it also meant that we were all kind of stir-crazy by the time we ...more

Washington, D.C., day 3; or, Patriotism Swells in the Heart of this American Bear.

We started the day thinking that we were going to the Air and Space Museum. It's way at the top of our "must-see" list, what with Milo's future career goals being heavily airplane-relevant, and also, it's just one of those D.C. things that you have to do. However, it didn't happen today ....more

Washington, D.C., day two: memorials-a-plenty and the American History Museum

It was a bit overwhelming this morning, trying to decide where to start and what to see first. Jack and Milo both had a strong desire to see the Lincoln Memorial, and I knew that it was at the other end of the mall from the metro stop, so it seemed the best thing to do was to get the walking out of our way earlier in the day and visit President Lincoln first. But I'm getting ahead of myself ....more