If you've got livestock, you've got deadstock

PREDATOR: 1  LAYING HEN: 0 At market I get asked, "Are your chickens free-range?" at least once a week by an egg customer. "Yes, sometimes a little too free-ranging," I respond. ...more

The Secret To Groovy Gravy

Pasture to plate, farm to table, nose to tail, and let's not forget my favorite--heads & feet--when it comes to poultry, it's time once again to take a good, hard look at not only how we vote with our food dollars, but how we reduce waste by extracting as much nutrients as possible from the animals that have given their lives to sustain us. Today, more people are making the switch from inhumanely, industrial-raised, antibiotic and chemical laden to locally, pasture-raised...more

How about those yolks, folks!

Did anyone happen to catch NPR's story about Ari Shapiro's pale egg yolks while traveling in Africa recently? ...more

Chickens Are NOT Vegetarians!

These egg producers should be char...more

Veal Chop with Pear & Brussel Sprouts

Veal Chop with Pears & Brussel Sprouts My favorite time of year at farmers market is when the fresh brussel sprouts beg...more

Stuffed Veal Cutlets with Roasted Winter Squash

 This is one of my favorite fall meals because it is quick, easy and all the ingredients are readily available this time of year at the farmers market. Most of all, I enjoy experimenting with all the different types of wonder artisan and farmstead cheeses and charcuterie. Or try switching out the spinach for something a little tangier like fall mustard greens....more

One Last Hurrah for a Laying Hen

There's a chill in the air signaling the changing of seasons. There's also lots of feathers in the barnyard--the telltale sign of the seasonal moult of laying hens. During this time, egg production decreases significantly as all of the bird's energy goes into growing new feathers.This is also the time hens should be on their best behavior here at the farm. If you're moulting and a constant escapee, you get a one-way ticket to the processor and  ultimately, the stew pot. ...more
I have a few Khaki Campbell ducks, and from the three females  I'm getting 3 eggs a day ...more

Bone Broth--Delicious, Nutritious, Healing & Sustainable

A few weeks ago, I visited local farming friends and mentors, Jonas & Judi Stoltzfus who own JuJo Acres over in Perry County where they've been raising Certified Org...more