Neapolitan Cake

Bread and Butter Pickles

Accent On Aubergine

Poppies on my Table

The thought of summer coming to a close is a huge let down so I try to not go there. However, we are inundated with hints and sometimes in your face advertising and merchandise that lets us know fall is upon us. Why does it seem that winter drags on forever and the warm sunny days fly by in a flash?...more

My Bloody Mary

The Community Coordinator on behalf of Williams Sonomainterested in my own twist on the Classic Bloody Mary..." The one stipulation was that I had to juice the tomatoes. No problem there, I am no stranger to juicing....more

Blueberry Lemon Crumb Cake


I'm Happy


Brownies and Bling

 We’re having a bit of a cool spell so I thought I’d bake a batch of brownies before the heat arrives again. Brownies are a perfect stand alone dessert, but from time to time I refuse to leave well enough alone. These brownies are from a box (don’t throw tomatoes at me please) but they received the royal treatment....more