How My Fake Yoga Became A Real Habit

We're being healthy. I hate it. ...more

Check, Please!

When I’m dining out, one of my most favorite things is to watch someone have a birthday. The candles, the ice cream, the singing wait staff. It’s nice to see people having a good time, pretending to be embarrassed as they revel in their 33 seconds of “happy birthday” eatery fame. At least, it used to be one of my favorite things. ...more

Army Wives...psshhht.

The shows are super cute, with the hugging and the crying and such. There’s always the token chick sleeping around on her husband while their kid is struggling to understand why Daddy is gone. There’s always the industrious overachiever, who is going through med school, law school, and learning the finer points of obscure Russian literature while nursing a newborn and making scratch chicken parmesan. ...more