Old Fashion Fruit Salad

Green bean omelette, where home is.

Sticky maple gingerbread cake

I think you are going to love this cake....more

Gingersnap cookies

Tokyo Fried Chicken and Miso Coleslaw

A Trip to Hanoi Inspires Bánh Mì Crostini and Vietnamese Pâté

We had a wonderful four days....more
I love Bánh Mì and I love how you recreated it in the form of these beautiful crostini.more

Pasta with asparagus and bacon + Giveaway

Not because I didn’t know how to cook, but because, like many of us, I thought cooking a normal meal for myself took too much of an effort, and didn’t quite make sense. Especially when I don't have my audience to eat with me. Most of my weekends are kept for elaborate meals....more
Well I think I might have made a tad bit more but it is soooo worth it. I did not do the ...more

Salted egg pumpkin risotto

Oh yeah! You read it right. It's "salted egg" in risotto. Nope, you wouldn't pick up the salted egg if I didn't tell you so. But you be wondering what's the secret ingredient to make this pumpkin risotto so tasty. Comforting and yet so complex, you'll be bewildered....more
You might bemore

Thai quinoa salad with grilled squid and mangoes

  He ate the boil of quinoa salad after the photo shoot. I remembered his brimming face when he finished the bowl of salad....more