Jenny is ready to jump!

So here we go….My name is Jenny and I am crazy about this sport. After nearly 8 years of watching from the beach, following Christophe’s developments and achievements, I was being faced with constant “NO! You can't kite, you are disabled”, “It is too dangerous”, “I can't help you”, or simply just ignoring me. I finally found a group of what I now call friends in Northern Ireland who made my dream possible and linked me to the GKF and to them I am forever grateful....more

Introducing kite flying to autistic children

Global Kiter Foundation’s mission is to enrich the lives of people with disabilities through our wonderful sport. Up until recently, our experience has been with people with physical disabilities- more precisely, people that are either paraplegic or tetraplegic.Our workshops have been so well received we are excited about planning as many workshops as our budget will allow in different countries, enriching the lives of as many as possible....more

From Land to Water

As many of you know, the Global Kiter Foundation is using sport to enrich the lives of people with physical disabilities. We started off last year with workshops to introduce the skills needed to learn how to kitesurf. This is an incredible sport that simply uses the power of the wind to help you ride on water, land or snow. We believe everyone should be able to experience the freedom and inspiration you have when out in the elements. ...more

Making children smile

In our Team Story segment, we are highlighting projects and work that is being carried out by some of the GKF Team. This post is about Roman Kappeler’s project in North-eastern Brazil.In his own words:...more

Living a healthy lifestyle is about saying yes to life!

Living a healthy lifestyle is about saying yes to life! It’s not just about eating the proper food, getting regular excecise or reducing alcohol/cigarettes... It’s about the choices you make that give you the opportunity to feel your best.I am in the midst of training for our special Charity Crossing (, and this got me thinking about the simple things we can do to feel our best every day.Here are few things we can start doing right now:...more

Challenges and rewards of the Entrepreneur mom

I have spent some time trying to decide what my next blog post should be about. We've been working on the Global Kiter Foundation schedule of events for 2012 which includes events in Greece, Belgium and hopefully in Brazil, Mexico and the US; putting together grant applications and partnership proposals, and organizing fundraising events. There is a lot on!...more

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: Using Kitesurfing as a Therapy

It is a well known fact that sports is good for us. It teaches us that it takes hard work and sweat to become good at something. It pushes us to strive for perfection and to seek out new challenges.But there is a lot more to it than the lessons it teaches us. Sports brings us all together in a unique way. Whenever we are at a sport venue, be it the beach, the mountains, or a tennis match, the atmosphere is positive and happy....more