Sharing Your News on LinkedIn When You Don't Want to Brag

One of my social-media-savvy readers recently asked me how she could leverage the business networking platform LinkedIn to share exciting news about an important certification she added to her toolkit last year without coming across as "too braggy."I got back to her with most of what's below and thought many folks might be interested in the answer, so here it is: ...more

Put More of Yourself into Your LinkedIn Profile

Your personal brand represents how you market yourself to the world. It's what comes to mind when people you know think of you, and it tells folks you don't know what you represent, offer or are a go-to person for. This post will share some of the ways you can use social networking tools like LinkedIn to cultivate, polish and reinforce your personal brand. ...more
Thanks for the tips. I have been updating and polishing my Linkedin account and using it to post ...more

5 Reasons to Approach Holiday Mixers as Community Service Opportunities

While it's true that I'm a self-proclaimed networking enthusiast, and Malcolm Gladwell would likely identify me as a Connector, I still consider attending networking events to be one of my volunteer activities, or acts of “community service” each month. And one of my goals at networking events -- especially at the end of the year -- is to make it easy for people to ask for the help they need. Why? Here are just 5 very obvious reasons:...more

10 Tips for Cultivating Connections at Conferences and Events

All event and conference planners (including BlogHer's), sponsors and hosts hope they deliver on at least one of the main reasons people attend their events. And it's no surprise that networking is always cited as one of the top three reasons most people attend conferences, conventions or events. (The other two include, learning/education and getting out of the office.)...more

Forget the Resolutions List! It's Time for Your Leave Behind List for 2013

It's officially time to start making a list of the things you'd like to leave behind in 2013!A few years ago, my husband and I adopted a very helpful year-end tradition that has proven to be both effective and fun.For us, and other folks that aren't fans of a new years resolution list, making a list of the things we'd like to leave behind from 2013 allows us to create space for the things we really want to have in our lives in the New Year....more

Is there a connection between social networks and being lonely?

I've been a proponent of quality over quantity when it comes to my social circles for years now. And as Malcolm Gladwell highlighted in "The Tipping Point," 150 has shown to be the magic number for most people when it comes to counting the number of quality connections one can have that truly matter....more

A Newbie Speaker and Attendee at BlogHer '13: My 5 Favorite Things

A week has passed since I spoke at the Newbie Networking Workshop at BlogHer '13. I attended the conference as a n00b attendee and first-time speaker (although, not a newbie speaker outside of BlogHer) and wanted to share five of my favorite (fun) things about the experience....more
This is great - I'm a newbie this year and I can't wait! :)more

Making the Most of Opportunities to Network and Connect When Solo at an Event or Conference like BlogHer '16

As BlogHer '16 gets closer, I wanted to share two of my favorite tips on how best to approach attending an in-person networking event or conference when you have to go it alone or are used to doing most of your networking online.Both of these tactics model a “pay it forward” style approach, and something I believe is the most effective way to attempt to connect with people that are still essentially strangers to you offline. Why? Because if you’re what I call a “reluctant networker,” focusing on helping others takes pressure off you and actually helps relieve nervousness too....more
@kisschronicles Glad you liked it and thanks for the reminder about the FB group! I'm going to ...more

5 Tips on Networking at BlogHer '13 and Other Offline Events

Whether you're attending BlogHer '13 in Chicago this year or not, it's good to be mindful of my 5 networking tips for cultivating connections and growing your network this year:  ...more

My Top 10 Favorite Quotes For Reluctant Networkers

If you've just launched your blog or a business, or are re-entering the workforce after a few years as a SAHM, it's likely that many people you meet will suggest that you need to, "Get out there and network." This might seem like a daunting task at first, but after some practice, and work getting into the right state of mind, you'll be an effective networker -- instead of a reluctant one -- in no time.Besides, even the most seasoned networkers often need to psych themselves up before heading out to a networking event or 2 day conference full of strangers. ...more
I love the word networking. After all, there was a group of disciples working their nets when ...more