The Birthday Hurdle

There is a mixed bag of emotion that comes every year on this day. At 1:23 pm, Wade and I became parents to a baby, who sported a tan, a perfectly round, bald head and eyes that were wide open almost immediately. My brother and sister in law have often spoken of watching Wade, walking down the hall with a very newborn Jeff in his arms, saying, "I got my boy." Little did we know that the journey we began the day he arrived would take us to down a path that we could not have imagined in either our wildest dreams or our worst nightmares....more

True Strength

Several weeks ago, as we were trying to schedule our weekly lunch date, my friend casually mentioned that she was going for a mammogram and wouldn’t be able to meet for lunch the following day.  This is a common occurrence, of course, for friends to have mammograms.  But when she told me this, I had a strange feeling about it.  I asked her later how it went, and she said she thought ok, so I shoved aside my worry.   The next week, though, she told me she had gotten a letter to call and schedule more views and an ultrasound.  After that appointment, she called t...more


I have discovered that I am not a consistent in my ability to write.  I blame it on being busy, but usually manage to find a few minutes every day to look on Pinterest, so maybe I just haven’t had anything worthwhile to say.  I can assert that I have been cooking a lot, sewing like a maniac for the new Granddarling that is due next month, and helping a friend put the finishing touches on a dining room update, and all of those are legitimate things.  But the truth, according to my Darling Husband, is that I am distracted.  He is right; I am....more


I haven’t blogged in awhile.  There has been way too much going on.  Coordinated a wedding, took a trip to the ER, did a craft show, sewing like mad, shopping for my mother and returning most things I purchased for her.  Oh, and the most important thing was semi-coordinating a gender reveal party for my daughter and son in law, who are going to have a baby in March.  The newest granddarling to join our family is going to be a girl!  It has been six years since a baby has been born in our family and I am more than excited.  Not only that but said daughter and so...more

Lesson From My Dad

I woke up early this morning so that I could be sure that I would be able to accomplish a task near and dear to my heart.  I think that it is so because of my dad and his reaction to his nine year old daughter’s distress .    My heart is still so tightly wrapped around that response that it has affected the path I have taken on more than one occasion in my life. ...more

Love and Granddarlings

I currently have two beautiful boy granddarlings and they have been a joy to Darling husband and me since the moment we knew about them.  We have known for awhile that our next daughter was pregnant but she asked us to wait to tell everyone.  Now the word is out and we are, after a space of almost seven years, in the mode of being able to publicly discuss our giddy excitement. ...more

It's A Banana Muffin Day

My brother and future sister in law arrived last night to visit with our mom and to enjoy our lovely, scorching hot weather.  Since the fig tree that Darling Husband planted several years ago, is loaded up this year, not only did I make fig preserves with my Grandma’s recipe yesterday, I also made a fig galette  which my friend found here, , and shared with me.  I used my own butter pie crust recipe because (a) I knew how to make it and (b) it did not require chilling.&nb...more

Falling Down

We are once again in a state of craziness.  A couple of weeks ago, my mom fell right after I dropped her off at church and she had to go to the emergency room.  There were no broken bones, but she was, of course, sore and bruised and shaken up.  At her age, one of the greatest fears is falling and just the fact that it happened was enough to undermine what little confidence she had. Her regular internist was out of town the week after the fall, so she and I both wanted to wait until the doctor was back to follow up....more

Ahhh, California

Darling husband and I, along with our best friends took a vacation in California a couple weeks back.   It was a very welcome opportunity to slow down and recuperate after having so many hectic weekends this summer....more

A Birthday

My son was born twenty-eight years ago today, at 1:23 pm.  He came out looking like he had been laying out in the sun and his head was perfectly round (due to him being born via C-section, I suppose).    He didn’t cry much, which I thought was an indication of how good a baby he was going to be.   WRONG!  Our beautiful boy was not happy unless he was attached to someone’s hip.  It didn’t necessarily matter whose.  Darling husband and I passed him back and forth constantly and my husband would even take him to class occasionally, so that I could h...more