Using Twitter for your small business

Let’s discuss the best small business tweeters out there! You can review previous blog posts titled “Twitter for Business 101, 102, and 103″ here, here and here

Best Secret Hotels? Tell me!

I love stumbling across online articles that give me the inside scoop when it comes to the best deals in travel, or really, anything with the word “secret” in it! I feel like I am in on the inside scoop, regardless of whether this story of tips and secrets was just blasted all over the internet!...more

My favorite B&B is "The Secret Garden" in Santa Barbara, CA. It has small cottages and some have ...more

Testing out my new eReader

ome of my friends have asked about using a Kobo eReader, and I've agreed to report on my use of it once it arrives. Today, my Kobo arrived, and I'm pretty happy so far!Let me start off by saying I do not own an iPod, a cell phone, an iPad, or any of the other type of in-style gadgets available these days. I am almost as green as they come. So testing out an eReader is going to be my guinea pig of introductions to the modern world. (Are you over the fact that I don't own a cell phone yet?)...more

I got a Kindle a couple months ago and love it! I have to agree with you that it is not the ...more