Proposition 8: This Time, It's Personal

50 some odd years ago, a young man was coming of age in his conservative Christian family in a small town in Colorado.  They probably didn’t seem conservative actually in that small town, as regular church attendance and an attitude of general adherence to biblical doctrine were relatively common - both for the time period and location.  In fact, the church was the community, it defined the family.  Covered dish dinners and weekend picnics with other church families were probably the norm.  ...more

Thanks you so much for your story and please give 'Bapa" a hug.. He deserves one for ...more

Riding the Down Escalator Up

As a kid, I liked nothing better that rollercoasters. Disneyland couldn't even satisfy my thrill-seeking side. I was much more of a Six Flags girl. They built it, and I would come - the taller and faster the better. But my favorite had to be the old fashioned rollercoasters. ...more

Any time I even think about buying a house. Any time my partner mentions it. Any time I open ...more

I Blog Because it Makes Me a Better Dinner Companion

My father-in-law is now my Facebook friend.  He invited me yesterday, and while I never really considered ignoring his invitation, I accepted him with warning bells sounding loudly in my head. ...more

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that my ex in laws who I really do love never ask to ...more