Can trustworthy ground beef compete in the market?

This is a post that’s been begging to be written ever since the NY Times article came out.  In fact, I could write several posts, but I’ll restrain myself....more

Getting your children to ENJOY veggies and fruits

Jenny at Nourished Kitchen commented that enjoying fruits and veggies is the key to getting kids to eat them and eat healthier.  She says it as well or better than I could.  I especially enjoyed her comments about the long-term benefits in food prefernces from eating a varied diet when breastfeeding....more

Do you Know Your Farmer?

A new USDA initiative was recently launched, designed to reconnect consumers with their food and to stimulate local food economies.  The $65 million dollar "Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food" program aims to break down some of the barriers that keep local food systems from thriving. ...more

Would veal by any other name taste as sweet?

About six weeks ago, Wild Type Ranch (our family business) harvested its first European-style, pasture-raised, milk-and-grass-fed veal.  It's been a lesson in the workings of ag-bureauracracy. 99% or more of the veal harvested in this country is "milk-fed veal", meaning it is primarily from dairy bull calves removed from the cow at birth, fed only milk replacer (or sometimes milk) and confined.  This produces the very pale, very tender veal Americans have come to expect.  ...more

No need to avoid ground beef if you buy local

The latest ground beef recall has prompted me to stop unpacking moving boxes long enough to post.  Obama Foodarama is urging people to "avoid beef like the plague", pointing out that the recall is voluntary, so there is no guarantee that the recalled beef is actually being pulled from the shelves.  On top of that, of course, is the issue of traceability and ...more

Affordable Grilling for Summer

The Washington Post recently ran a great article on Affordable Summer Grilling. (thanks Beef Daily Blog!) ...more

Food Safety risks from Reusable Grocery Bags

Just when I finally got myself trained to remember to take my reusable "green" grocery bags to the store (at least most of the time), I read a report on "food safety threats" from them!  Apparently, reusing the bags can result in the accumulation of coliform bacteria and molds. ...more

Better than Church

It's Sunday morning at Wild Type Ranch.  We returned late last night from 2 days at an Angus cattle sale in Fredericksburg, TX.  Everyone else is having a well-deserved lie-in, but I've already gotten too used to the summer early rising schedule to sleep in.  [Between needing to leave early for farmer's markets twice a week and the need to get out and work before it gets hot here in Texas, our summer schedule typically starts at dawn and involves a mid-day shower and siesta].  ...more

The Day the Chicken Went to Town

I had a guest at the Farmer's Market today.  I'm not sure she was really thrilled to be there, but she did manage to lay an egg nonetheless. Saturday's market starts at 8:00, which means leaving the ranch well before sun-up.  I usually get everything loaded and my Subaru Baja hooked up to the freezer trailer, so all I have to do is unplug the trailers and drive off about 5:45 am.  On Friday I knew I would be getting home after dark, so I left the lights on in the workshop where the trailer is parked, so I could easily back in and hook up. ...more

Facts on Pork and Swine Flu

Despite the nomenclature "swine flu", the CDC assures us that there is no danger of contracting influenza from eating or handling pork.  Here's some facts: ...more